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Attorney General Ken Paxton Announces First Round of State House Endorsements For 2024

Paxton Will Campaign Against Incumbents Across State

Austin- Today, Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that he was making the following House race endorsements ahead of the upcoming special session. General Paxton will be using a variety of criteria for endorsements this cycle including, but not limited to, conservative track record and strength of their campaign. Paxton will be touring the state in support of these challengers and against these incumbents who are some of the most liberal Republican politicians in the nation.

“Texas conservatives have seen their State House hijacked by liberal RINO Republicans for far too long. Texas should be a leading beacon for conservative policies. Instead, Texas has had to watch a liberal House Speaker and his loyalists kills hundreds of pieces of conservative legislation that would unleash untold economic growth and secure even more freedom. I have had enough, and I know conservative voters have had enough. I’m making these endorsements to begin restoring a conservative majority in our state House. I look forward to campaigning with these candidates in the days ahead,” said Paxton.

Below is a list of the candidate endorsements:

David Covey (TX HD-21)

Wes Virdell  (TX HD-53)

Andy Hopper (TX HD-64)

Mike Olcott   (TX HD-60)

Brent Money (TX HD-02)

John Perez  (TX HD-133)

Matt Morgan (TX HD-26)

Details of Paxton’s statewide Fall tour and campaign stops will be forthcoming.

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