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Texans for Strong Borders: Back from DC



Along with Strong Borders Executive Director, Cary Cheshire, I just arrived back in Texas from Washington DC. Cary and I were there for several days of meetings with the Texas delegation in Congress.

Texans are beyond frustrated with the Biden administration and the federal government for their lack of action to secure our southern border.

Washington DC is more than 1,000 miles from Texas’ border with Mexico. We thought our reps in the swamp might need a little reminder about the issues impacting the people they represent.

While in DC, we presented our Strong Borders pledge to each member of the Texas delegation. Our pledge is extensive! It covers E-verify, ending Amnesty, and finishing the border wall.

Thankfully, the Texas delegation understands the need for Texas to secure our own border.

We can’t rely on the federal government to take care of Texas. Texans must take care of Texans!


Rep. Troy Nehls was the first to sign our pledge. We’re excited to have him on board!

We are grateful Rep. Jackson (pictured with Cary and me below) was one of our pledge signers. He stands with people like you.

Reps. Nehls and Jackson agree. Governor Abbott must declare an invasion and use the power given to him in the Constitution to secure the Texas Border!


Texans for Strong Borders is working with people all over the state on the border crisis. We have to keep the pressure on our Texas lawmakers and officials to ensure they actually secure the border. 

If you stand with Texans for Strong Borders, Rep. Ronny Jackson, and Texans everywhere, can you give $45, $25, or even just $10 today?

Give now!

While we wish Democrat Joe Bident would care about the invasion into the country he leads, we know we can’t count on him. But if we all work together, make our voices heard, and keep the pressure on our elected leaders, we can finally secure the border!

For Texas,

Chris Russo

President of Texans for Strong Borders

P.S. The Texas delegation in Congress agrees Texas must secure its southern border, but Congress can’t make that happen by themselves! Will you chip in $25 to help us turn up the pressure on Governor Abbott to make sure HE takes every necessary step to secure the border?

Texans for Strong Borders

P.O. Box 178

Seabrook, TX 77586

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