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Paxton trial updates: Prosecutors expected to continue building case that AG is corrupt

By Texas Tribune Staff, The Texas Tribune

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The historic impeachment trial of suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton is underway in the Texas Senate. He faces 16 articles of impeachment that accuse him of bribery, dereliction of duty and disregard of official duty. Impeachment prosecutors say Paxton displayed a pattern of “deceit” as he was “turning the keys” of the attorney general’s office over to real estate investor Nate Paul, who was also a political donor.

The trial is expected to hinge on Paxton’s relationship with Paul — and could prominently feature details of Paxton’s alleged extramarital affair. The proceedings involve a massive cast of elected officials, high-profile lawyers, whistleblowers from within Paxton’s office and the attorney general’s former personal assistant.

Paxton’s attorneys argue that the impeachment allegations are baseless or fall under the legitimate duties of the attorney general’s office. They portray the impeachment as a political witch hunt carried out by “Republicans in name only” and have noted that Texas voters have twice reelected Paxton amid several legal battles and scandals.

Watch Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial live

Proceedings in suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial are expected to begin at 9 a.m. You can watch them here.

Prosecutors expected to continue calling witnesses Wednesday

The first day of Ken Paxton‘s impeachment trial included a series of highly anticipated votes, including multiple bids to dismiss every article of impeachment. The motions were soundly defeated. But Paxton’s attorneys succeeded in another key early decision when Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, acting in his role as trial judge, ruled that the suspended attorney general could not be forced to testify during impeachment proceedings.

In opening statements, House impeachment managers accused Paxton of allowing a “slow creep of corruption” to taint his office. His lawyers fired back and disparaged the impeachment case against him as a dangerous exercise based on “ignorance, innuendo and outright lies.”

Prosecutors on Wednesday are expected to continue calling witnesses who they hope will bolster their argument that Paxton should be removed from office.

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