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by James A. Marples
In February 1947, the noted Rabbi of Wichita, Kansas, and a member of Wichita Consistory, Rabbi Carl Manello, said: “We must understand the true relationship between religion and democracy.  Especially now it is of the utmost importance to understand that righteousness must be expressed concretely in conduct and deed, it is fundamentally a state of mind, an attitude, an approach to life, a point of view. It is the relationship between religion and democracy which spells the true American way of life, and which needs a reorganization at this time.”
Rabbi Carl Louis Manello was born in 1907 in Wlosczszowa, Poland.  He emigrated to the United States just before the Holocaust.  He knew what is meant to safeguard the precious thread of human life.
Judeo-Christian teachings have been a hallmark of American strength and stability.  Religion gives us a “conscience”.  Democracy gives us a “voice”; a vote in the say of our governance. Many of today’s elected and appointed officials now have lost their concern for their fellow man.  Consequently, citizens have a lack of faith in our politicians.  This is a shame, since America is simultaneously a Constitutional Republic AND a Representative Democracy.  We place our trust in Almighty God, while simultaneously placing our immediate mortal fate in the hands of humans.  Self-absorbed politicians, too often, gaze in the mirror with narcissistic thoughts.  It takes a modest person to look in that same mirror and do some real soul-searching.

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