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Bidenomics Means No Jobs for Americans

Amid Joe Biden’s push for increased immigration to bolster the labor market, alarming data reveals over 44 million working-age Americans are currently not part of the workforce, while legal and illegal immigrants are taking their jobs. The data highlights a significant rise from 34.4 million in 2000. Notably, the labor force participation rate for American men has substantially declined over six decades. Furthermore, in 2022, foreign workers held the largest proportion of U.S. job positions in nearly 30 years, at over 18% of the labor market share, totaling around 30 million jobs.

Biden’s Labor Market: More Immigrants, Less Jobs for Americans

Strong Borders Executive Director Joins Eric Metaxas

In a recent discussion with syndicated radio host Eric Metaxas, Texans for Strong Borders’s Cary Cheshire highlighted an escalating cold war scenario at the Texas Border. This situation involves a continuous cat-and-mouse game between Texas DPS, Texas and National Guard with Border Patrol. Texans are growing weary of the ongoing theatrics and stunts, as each instance potentially leads to more unauthorized crossings into the state. Cheshire emphasizes the necessity for concrete actions, urging Governor Greg Abbott to move beyond legal threats and instead engage directly with President Joe Biden at the Rio Grande to address the border crisis head-on by repelling the invasion, finishing the real Texas border wall, and returning illegal aliens to Mexico.

Cheshire: Abbott Needs to Represent Texans and Ignore the Feds

Breaking the Bank: Illegal Aliens in Texas Public Schools

The Texas public education system is facing a notable increase in students from immigrant households. A recent report by the Center for Immigration Studies revealed a sharp rise, from 17% in 1990 to 31% in 2021, in the number of students from such households in Texas – many of whom are illegally present in the United States. This demographic shift is straining the state’s education system further, forcing taxpayers to pick-up the tab.

You wouldn’t believe the cost that illegal aliens in Texas public schools are imposing on Texans.

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