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Couple Launches the First Posthumous Gift Delivery Service: Forever Present Spreads Joy and Comfort Beyond the Grave

BUFFALO, NY (August 2, 2023) – In a groundbreaking and heartfelt initiative, Shawn and Kate Lavin of Buffalo, NY, have unveiled the nation’s pioneering posthumous gift delivery service, Forever Present. This remarkable service allows individuals to continue touching the lives of their loved ones even after they have passed away, creating lasting memories of joy, love, and solace.

The concept of a gift from beyond the grave is now a reality, thanks to the innovative minds of Shawn and Kate Lavin. Forever Present offers a unique platform for people to leave behind cherished gifts and messages, ensuring that their presence and sentiments endure through time. Inspired by the moving portrayal of posthumous gestures in the popular Netflix Series, After Life, the Lavins recognized the profound impact that such offerings can have on those left behind.

Forever Present caters to the diverse preferences of its customers with a range of thoughtful gift options. These can be delivered as one-time surprises or on a recurring basis. The selection includes elegantly handwritten calligraphy letters, touching typewritten notes, and heartwarming videos, along with the timeless beauty of roses, tulips, and sunflowers. In line with their commitment to honoring individual legacies, Forever Present is also open to crafting custom orders that reflect the unique personalities and passions of their clients.

The driving force behind Forever Present originated from the Lavins’ own tradition of gifting flowers to their daughter each year. Additionally, Shawn’s experience as a Captain in the Air Force, particularly during his deployment with the New York Air National Guard amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, underscored the significance of bidding farewell on one’s own terms. Reflecting on this, Shawn Lavin expressed, “The pandemic highlighted the importance of conveying gratitude and love to our dear ones beyond our time. Kate and I are thrilled to introduce this unparalleled service, enabling individuals to continue their legacy and share joy with loved ones even after they are gone.”

The process of selecting and arranging a final gift or message through Forever Present is designed to be seamless. Customers can effortlessly choose their desired gift, specify the delivery schedule, provide recipient details, and make the purchase. Forever Present diligently maintains records and databases to monitor the passage of time. Once the service receives notification of a customer’s passing and verifies it through their comprehensive monitoring system, the chosen gift is thoughtfully delivered to the intended recipient.

Forever Present stands as the sole provider of posthumous gift delivery services in the United States, extending its reach across all fifty states. For further information or to explore the range of heartfelt gifts available, please visit the official Forever Present website at:

About Forever Present:*
Forever Present is a trailblazing posthumous gift delivery service founded by Shawn and Kate Lavin in Buffalo, NY. The service offers a unique opportunity for individuals to leave behind meaningful gifts and messages, ensuring their continued presence and love in the lives of their cherished ones. With a diverse selection of one-time and recurring gifts, Forever Present celebrates individual legacies and spreads joy and comfort beyond the grave.

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