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Its Afraid

It’s Afraid


What to know: The city of Houston has launched a lawsuit to try to stop House Bill 2127, aka the “Death Star” bill, from taking effect on Sept. 1. As one Forbes writer put it, the legal challenge is “a testament to the significant effect HB 2127 could have and the way in which it would thwart many progressive policy goals in the nation’s second most populous state.”


The TPPF take: Texas progressives are terrified that their extreme agenda is about to hit a wall.


“For a long time, progressives in Texas have advanced their big government agenda through local government channels,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “But those avenues are about to be shut-off thanks to strong, new preemption legislation set to take effect in the fall. And that fact has the Left running scared and reaching for any tactic.”

Math is Racist!


What to know: The state of California has approved new educational guidelines for math that emphasize social justice instead of correct answers.


The TPPF take: Critical race theory is behind the “equity” movement in education (including math), which discards the equality that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated.


“The logical outcome of these progressive policies won’t be the world King dreamed of — where ‘the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood,’” says TPPF’s Richard Johnson. “It will instead be a dystopia not far removed from the reality that so deeply disappointed King, with segregation that is at once educational, societal and economic.”

House Bill 1243 (1)

Watch TPPF’s John Bonura on House Bill 1243

Listen to the Science


What to know: Radical ideology, not science, is driving the transgender movement.


The TPPF take: Confused kids must be treated with compassion—and protected from the radical trans activists who are driving this narrative.


“Kids are looking for something they can’t find,” pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Quentin Van Meter told TPPF recently. “They get into a chat room, they see a female who shows that her breasts were removed. So they think, I’m unhappy, maybe that’s what’s wrong with me. And then doors open, they find support groups online, and it’s an illusory, loving world. But I still have never met a happy transgender person. No happy parents of children who are transitioning. Such misery, crying out for some semblance of peace in their lives, and this isn’t peace.”


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