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Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom –
based on the incredible true story, shines a light on even the darkest of places.
Dear Friend,

Stories have the power to inspire people. They have the power to bring people together. They have the power to create a change. The most powerful voice truly is the storyteller – the person to give voice to those whose voices have been stolen and ignored for too long.

Human trafficking is the largest industry in the world – grossing up to $150 BILLION every year as more than 1.2 MILLION children are trafficked every year. These traffickers aren’t just people in basements, hiding on the dark web. They are neighbors, family, leaders, and celebrities. There is more slavery NOW than when slavery was legal!

These children, these precious souls need a voice. They need us to fight for them. 

Sound Of Freedom is a story that sheds light on child trafficking and the abuse that these precious souls have to face each day. This movie gives a voice to the thousands of children who are being bought and sold around the globe.

I encourage each and every one of you to watch it and share it with others. Angel Studios wants to make sure that everyone has a chance to watch Sound Of Freedom, so if you are able, Pay It Forward and if funds are tight, you can claim a pre-purchased ticket. 

Nothing is more important than our children. Share their story and let their voices be heard! God’s children are NOT for sale! Help end child trafficking today. 

Jamie Renda
Founder, Path Forward Utah

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