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Senator Bettencourt says Senate Record Property Tax Relief gets even better with Teacher Pay!

 SJR 1’s $100K Homestead Exemption and Supplemental Teacher Pay must pass Texas House by Aug 9th Otherwise, 5.72 million Texas Homeowners & 320K teachers receive none of the benefits in 2023 

Austin, TX – Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston), as primary author of the record $18 billion dollar  Senate Property Tax Relief Plan, SB 1, once again passed unanimously onto the Texas House, explains  the important tie-in to the Constitutional Amendment adding a previously passed Teacher Supplemental  pay raise from the regular session to Senate Joint Resolution 1. After SB 1 & SJR 1 were passed out of the Senate Finance Committee 14-0, Senator Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio) offered an initial Amendment on additional teacher pay based upon a regular session bill by Senate Education Committee  Chair, Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe). During floor discussions presided over by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick  (R-Texas) and with the assistance of the Senate Finance Chair Joan Huffman (R-Houston), a perfecting Amendment to allow Supplemental Teacher Pay language to be voted on by the public in the November  7th, 2023, general election was added by unanimous co-authorship of the Texas Senate.   

“Not only does the Senate Property Tax Plan contain a record $18 billion dollar property tax relief,  it has a huge 100k Homestead Exemption proposed Constitutional Amendment in SJR 1 that must  be voted on by the Public to get 5.72 Million Texas Homeowners the eye-popping savings of $1270 a year to $1487 a year on their school property tax bill this fall. Using nearly the same funding mechanism in 2023, an estimated $3.2 billion dollars of Supplemental Teacher Pay for the State’s  320K full-time teachers MUST also pass the voters in November too!” Senator Bettencourt  explained. 

See the chart below for the expected Senate Plan SB 1 savings benefits for 5.72 Million Homeowners:  

If approved by the voters, the Supplemental Teacher Pay is $2,000 for every full-time teacher. To help  close the gap between urban and rural teachers, if a teacher teaches in a school district with less than  20,000 students, they will receive $6,000 through 2025. Chair Huffman stressed this provision expires in  September of 2025.  

“The key here, is that SJR 1 must pass the Texas House by early August, in time to get the  combined Constitutional Proposition on the ballot in November. Without passage by that time,  none of the benefits of an increased Homestead Exemption nor the Supplemental Teacher Pay will  reach any of these nearly 6 million Texans in 2023.” Concluded Senator Bettencourt. 

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