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NASA: Manuel Rodriguez’s Lecture Day

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Join us on July 13th at 5:30 at the Gregg County Historical Museum!
Our third guest speaker for the Innovation & Inspiration lecture series is Manuel Rodriguez! Manuel Rodriguez received his degree from Texas A&M University in 1965. One of the technologies he worked with was the development and certification of the lunar space suit and its integration with the life support system. During his career at NASA he worked on the Apollo, Skylab, Shuttle, and Space Station programs.
Our last guest speaker will be Misty Pearson on August 10th. Check out the other events we have going on for this event on the poster below!
So many NASA events coming soon!
We’ve scheduled 13 different events for all ages to enjoy! This exhibit, in collaboration with Johnson Space Center, will provide the public an opportunity to view artifacts from past missions, expand the horizons of students through building/launching rockets, renew curiosity through academic lectures, encourage the love of exploration with monthly star gazing lessons around a campfire led by local college and high school professors, and allow all to explore beyond earth with a state-of-the-art mobile planetarium.
Sparking Curiosity
Curiosity of the stars plays an important role in human history. Constellation stories reflect how past societies viewed their world and explorers all studied the sky to learn the rhythms of nature for survival. These understandings contribute to many parts of our lives today: daylight savings time, seasons, the calendar, and some holidays are determined by sky events. There is always a new natural wonder to explore! Let your curiosity run free the 3rd Saturday of each month April through July.
Innovation & Inspiration
Innovation: a new idea, device, or method.
Inspiration: a force or influence that inspires someone.
Gregg County Historical Museum is proud to offer a 4-part lecture series featuring individuals who have us the opportunity to go Beyond Earth. Join us each month for an evening of inspiration and innovation in the Education Center of GCHM at 218 N. Fredonia, Longview, Tx, 75601.
Go For Launch
Are you a future astronaut or pilot or engineer? Let’s find out! One way to do that is through building and launching model rockets. Discover what NASA does when they launch missions to space and leave with a greater appreciation of what NASA scientists and engineers do. Build and launch your own personally designed low flying rocket because Gregg County Historical Museum is a Go For Launch on May 17, 2023.
Discovering the Beyond
A planetarium is a specially designed theater with a domed ceiling that can project a realistic image of the night sky indoors. Gregg County Historical Museum will host a mobile planetarium for 2-week engagement. Come discover sky objects such as galaxies and black holes immersed in a 3-D environment. The sight of stars no longer visible due to city lights immediately captures attention and evokes awe. Learners of all ages are invited to Discover the Beyond and experience the universe in a unique way June 6 – June 17, 2023.
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Come be star struck at our NASA exhibit!
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