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We need to repair the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is running amok, and it’s past time we got it under control.

In the year since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, abortion has been effectively banned (with extremely limited exceptions) in fourteen states. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans have lost access to abortion care.

On top of that, the ethical crises keep piling up. We’ve seen Republican mega donors footing the bill for Clarence Thomas’s vacations, mortgage payments, and family tuition; Samuel Alito taking dinners with conservative anti-abortion activists, accepting a lavish vacation from someone with business before the Court, and allegedly leaking reproductive health decisions; and Neil Gorsuch selling property to an executive that has business before the Court just days after his lifetime appointment was finalized.

We can’t let this continue. Congress must stop the out-of-control, right-wing majority on the Supreme Court. The only way to do that is to restore ideological balance to the Court by adding four more seats.

I’m urging our legislators to stand up as a governmental body and rein in this illegitimate Court by passing the Judiciary Act.


Linda Stegall

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