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Today’s Cannon | Waking Up to Woke

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time to wake up

Waking Up to Woke


What to know: America is waking up to the political movement we’ve come to call “woke.”


The TPPF take: Texas is winning the war on “woke.”


“Ignoring predictable progressive charges of racism and transphobia, Texas lawmakers took on the ‘woke’  insanity, and they won,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “They took significant steps to return reason and free speech to our college campuses, protect our children and women’s sports, and help restore safety and vitality to our cities.”


Child Slavery


What to know: House members recently grilled Biden administration officials over the exploitation of child migrants.


The TPPF take: The Biden administration has made involuntary servitude by child migrants much, much easier.


“Rapid DNA testing at the border has been a critical vetting tool preventing strangers and human traffickers from kidnapping children,” says TPPF’s Carol Swain. “Yet, the Biden administration did away with it. The administration didn’t bother to publicize this monumental decision. The policy change was only discovered thanks to a leaked memo obtained by an independent outlet. The leak is just more evidence that the Biden administration operates on a clear policy of neglect and indifference, unconcerned by the likely handoff of children to predators.”


SB5 and HB2

 Carine Martinez on Border Security

Hanging On


What to know:  Five years ago, environmental activist Greta Thunberg said humanity will be wiped out if fossil fuels weren’t banned within five years.


The TPPF take: Sorry, Greta, we’re still here.


“No matter how shrill the climate cartel cries that the end is near, the American public just isn’t willing to sacrifice the benefits of affordable, reliable energy — which only fossil fuels can provide,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “They see through the disinformation the climate cartel is spreading. Not only is the human race nowhere near the brink of extinction, but our lives and our environment are better than ever before.”



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