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UCEMC Thursday night update

Update from UCEMC:
Emergency Management Operations will continue Operating at the Gilmer Civic Center thru Friday June 23rd 2023 from 10a-7p. The state team (RSA) will continue to operate from the civic center thru sometime next week.
As of now there are 173 outages for Upshur Rural and 110 for SWEPCO.
*East Mountain City Hall will open at 9a-12:30p for a Cooling Center, They will have water and MRE’s.
*Big Sandy will open at 8a-5p at the Big Sandy City Hall and will have water .
*Diana & Ore City will NOT be open tomorrow & any residents in these areas are urged to come to the Gilmer Civic Center for any assistance.
4 dumpsters have been place in the county for residents to discard spoiled food ONLY. These will be scheduled for pick up Wednesday 6-28-23
Locations are the following:
**Gilmer Civic Center – back behind the building on Bob Glaze Dr.
**Big Sandy- lot next to VFD 200 E. Gilmer St. Big Sandy, TX 75755
**Ore City – next to 100 Dogwood St. Ore City, TX 75683
**Diana – next to Orville Ray’s restaurant
The Gilmer Civic Center will have snacks during the day & a Hot Meal @ 5:30pm Friday 6-23-23. This will be the LAST meal provide for the public.
The Public POD (Point of Distribution) will be open for the last day from 10a-7p at the Yamboree Exhibit Building for Residents to continue to drive through and pick up Water, ICE and MREs.
**The POD will STOP operations at 7p Friday 6-23-23**
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