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URECC Announcement Wednesday, June 21, 8 a.m.

The National Weather Service has issued another excessive heat advisory for East Texas today. We encourage those who are still without power to please take advantage of the cooling centers available. The number 1 cause of heat exhaustion is dehydration. Please make sure you are drinking water often. It is also suggested that you wear loose clothing. Please be safe and check on the elderly. US Representative Nathaniel Moran has sent us a link to an online map of cooling centers. He also included another link that will have information on how to report damages from the storm to your home or businesses to the Texas Division of Emergency management.


URECC crews and approximately 170 contractors are now working throughout the URECC service area. There are still a few areas with substantial damage being repaired. Outside of those, the crews are making their way through the numerous smaller causes of outages in communities and towns listed on our URECC outage maps. We anticipate many of these substation regions being mostly or completely restored by evening. As the repairs become smaller the speed of restorations will increase.

If you get a message that your power is restored but you still do not have electricity, please report it again after you have checked to confirm the breakers in your home have not been thrown. At times the phones and even the app are overloaded, but the quickest means to report are by text or through SmartHub.

There are 2 main priorities today: get as many of the outages restored as possible and for residents and linemen to get through this day safely. Please be careful, and take care of yourself and each other.

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