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URECC Storm Restoration Update

URECC Announcement
Monday, June 19th, 8pm

URECC crews continue to work throughout the service area. URECC currently has gone from the original 73,000 with power to the current number of 15,316 without. Much of the work the crews are doing today are in some of the hardest hit areas, where broken and fallen trees lay twisted in the poles and lines, poles are having to be replaced, lines restrung, along with other construction. In many of the locations damage is worse than anticipated, and addition repairs are being required, too. This will add to the restoration times initially anticipated over the past weekend. Although different areas will continue to be restored each day, it is now believed that it will take until Friday to complete the last of the restorations. We understand this not what anyone wants to hear, but we must let people know so they can plan accordingly.

All crews are still working through the system as initially stated, from larger power lines through the phases of smaller power lines. One of the areas requiring the most repairs is around Lake O’ the Pines and the Lake O’ the Pines substation. Crews have been working the substation and transmission lines nearby since early Friday morning. In Hallsville there are still 2793 out. They have broken lines and poles throughout the area served by the Hallsville substation. The same is said for East Mountain. It has been a long hot day in the East Mountain area for the crews. Also, several areas around Diana look like very similar to the tornado damage that passed through just a was down Highway 154 just a couple of years ago.

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