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Employees and management of URECC say ‘thank you’

The employees and management of URECC would like to say thank you to so many tonight. It has always been humbling and inspiring to see the number of East Texans that open their hearts to help others in extreme situations. This post storm devastating outage has been no exception.
Our area is full of people like John and Tina Henderson of Gilmer, who just handed our Chief Business Officer a good amount of money, insisting they help pay for the toiletries purchased for the linemen contractors who had left their homes in Louisiana and South Texas so suddenly to get here to help as quick as they could.
Also, thank you to the gentleman in the white van making his way through the backroads north of Hallsville yesterday, who walked up, gave the linemen and URECC staff coupons for free food at Whataburger and left without giving his name. The lady and her daughter from Diana, who brought so much Gatorade and water to be delivered today to the linemen working.
There were so many others who dropped food and drinks to the guys all over East Texas. Thank you to New Diana School, the STOP a MINIT convenience store in Diana for their donations, so many churches and other groups who had food or drinks ready when the crews passed by going from one location to another.
All of the people working at URECC appreciate you, but most importantly, the linemen, who were already dedicated 100% to working hard as they could for you, appreciate you very much.
It was never expected, but thank you all again. And thank you for showing our out of town guest co-workers what kind of people East Texans really are.
Crews are scattered throughout the entire URECC service area. Many people are asking about specific areas.
As the Outage decreases in size we will be able to give more specific information. When at this magnitude, with 26,000 still out, it’s hard to give those specifics at this point in the process. There are crews working across the entire URECC service area. They have restored transmission lines, substations, distribution lines from substations, and are moving down through the system to the smallest of areas. There are so many crews moving at such a rapid speed, by the time we could gather the information and post the report, it would have changed.
We understand that members without power for almost 3 days are hot, tired, and fighting with frustration. Our linemen and entire staff understand. Everyone from URECC lives in the area, facing the same conditions. Please know that even though they have worked extremely long hours since 1am Friday through extremely hot conditions, they are still working as fast as they possibly can to restore power to “their” members, and return home to their families. Thank you again for all that have brought water, Gatorade, food, coupons for food they can use later, and so much more to the crews.
Of course we have nothing but pride for URECC linemen, but linemen for all East Texas power companies are giving it all for their members and customers since Friday. We hope they can celebrate Father’s Day very soon.
Again, thank you for your patience, and we will bring you more specific information as the outages are narrowed down.


  1. Jasmine on June 19, 2023 at 5:42 am

    Big oak trailer park is completely out we have been here with multiple animals it’s been hard with no money and no where to go I appreciate all the workers and I know it’s a process but trailers are hot boxes for people and animals

    • Jasmine on June 19, 2023 at 5:44 am

      Big oak trailer park is completely out water runs on pump using electricity ughhh we have been here with multiple animals it’s been hard with no money and no where to go I appreciate all the workers and I know it’s a process but trailers are hot boxes for people and animals I’m afraid for the older people that have no where to go and no money already gave out cases of water but it is looking bad over here

      • Raymond Wisk on June 20, 2023 at 7:52 am

        Thank Y’all so much !! Was without power going on 3 days . When it finally come on I felt truly Blessed. Thank Y’all again !! I know it Ain’t Easy ! God Bless !

  2. Tina Boitnott on June 19, 2023 at 9:01 am

    I looked at your outage report for today and you have Avinger listed as having 0 outagages. That is not correct. We do not have power. You may contact me.

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