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Tony Buzbee on the Michael Berry Show

ICYMI: Tony Buzbee went on the Michael Berry show this morning to discuss AG Paxton’s impeachment defense.

Buzbee continued to reiterate the lack of evidence brought before the house. “I mean, you would be embarrassed as a lawyer to take what they what they talked about and the so-called evidence that they use to impeach Ken Paxton to a traffic court,” said Buzbee.

Buzbee continued by discussing how this impeachment is being treated as an overturning of an election. “And I can tell you who’s behind it. Texans for Lawsuit Reform is behind this effort. That’s who’s behind this effort. They have spent millions and millions of dollars trying to defeat Ken Paxton. Let’s remember, Ken Paxton has been elected three different times by the statewide. He’s been through two different runoffs and three primaries,” he said.

Buzbee continued to hammer the House on its failure to produce quality evidence for the impeachment. “We’ve had to basically fight with both hands behind our back up to this point. We have no ability to subpoena. We have no ability to do anything because we just – all we have is these flimsy, and I mean flimsy, 20 articles of impeachment voted on within 72 hours with no backup, no documentation,” said Buzbee.

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