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Today’s Cannon | Texas Parents Matter

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Texas Parents Matter


What to know: The Texas Legislature didn’t pass a universal school choice bill in the regular session, but the fight isn’t over.


The TPPF take: Texas lawmakers must get school choice over the finish line in a special session.


“Throughout the last year, we’ve worked hard to advance parent empowerment. But our opponents have worked hard, too—mostly to mislead and fearmonger,” says TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “The education lobbyists and administrators, whose only goal is to rake more money in to the system, worry that parental empowerment will erode their control and require greater accountability.”

Birth Rates


What to know: Throughout the country, birth rates are declining, and women are having babies later in life. However, that’s more true in blue states and less true in red states.


The TPPF take:

Women in No. 1 South Dakota bore almost 53% more babies per capita than their peers in last place Vermont. What explains the difference?


“Three factors statistically predict higher birth rates: a state’s cost of living (a lower cost of living associated with a higher birth rate); the share of residents who seldom or never attend religious services (with a lower connection to organized religion associated with lower birth rates); and the 2020 vote for Joe Biden (with states that gave Biden the largest share having the lowest birth rates),” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “Of all the factors, the vote for Biden was the strongest predictor of a low birth rate.”


Right Idea Episode 21

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Only the Good DEI Young


What to know: The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board is praising Texas for banning diversity, equity and inclusiveness (DEI) offices and initiatives in public universities.


The TPPF take: As the WSJ notes, “The bullying has courted a needed backlash, and the latest comes from Texas.”


“Texas’ passage of Senate Bill 17, the strongest anti-DEI bill in the nation, does not mean that Texans don’t believe racism and sexism still exist and must be challenged,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “But it does mean an end to the massive and complex network of DEI programs built on the premise that white supremacy and racism are the primary driving force of our academic institutions and American life.”



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