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Tony Buzbee to Defend AG Ken Paxton in Impeachment Trial

Legendary trial attorney Tony Buzbee held a press conference in Austin yesterday providing an update on the Paxton Impeachment defense. Buzbee accused the GOP-led House of fronting a “hurried, secretive kangaroo court” that he said was “more like something you would see in a third world country.”


Buzbee focused on the lack of strength behind the articles of impeachment. “When I read the 20 articles of impeachment, my first thought was these are worthless and weak. And I’m embarrassed, embarrassed by our House would send something like that out, would vote on something like that, and send it to the Senate with a suggestion that there should be some sort of trial,” said Buzbee.


Buzbee then took aim at the House Speaker and his political motivates regarding the impeachment. “The speaker’s followers and himself thought that they could pull off what could only be described as a drive-by shooting on a holiday weekend to politically assassinate one of the leading conservative voices, not only in Texas, but also in the United States,” he said.


Buzbee also called on the Senate to reject this shame impeachment. “And so, we ask the Senate, look at this foolishness. Look at what has been put in front of you. If you even consider it, because no court of law would. No court of law in this country would even consider it. But if you decide to consider it, it should be thrown out in a one-page motion,” said Buzbee.


Dan Cogdell, another member of AG Paxton’s legal team, reiterated the Attorney General’s innocence. “As not a side note at all, I want to echo again what Tony said. Paxton is innocent of these accusations. Let’s not let that get lost in the weeds. He is absolutely 100 percent innocent of the accusations,” said Codgell


Finally, Buzbee ended the press conference by reiterating the strength of Paxton’s defense. “We’ve already identified 66 witnesses that will need to be deposed, that sworn testimony will need to be taken from. There will be thousands of documents. If somebody comes at you and makes these kinds of silly allegations, we will have to prove them wrong, I guess, because apparently the way it works in the House is you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent,” said Buzbee.

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