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Texas Family Project denounces Dade Phelan’s Kangaroo Court Distraction while Pro-Family Policies are in Limbo

WEATHERFORD — May 26, 2023 —

Texas Family Project is disappointed to see Speaker Dade Phelan and Rep. Murr, chair of the General Investigating Committee, deflect from an average legislative session by attempting to impeach a statewide official.

School choice is in limbo and several other critical bills we support were killed under Phelan’s leadership. While we moved the needle on several Pro-Family priorities, there are still plenty left on the table. The few good bills that moved were because the Pro-Family Cavalry put pressure on Phelan and others to do so.

Rather than ensuring these critical bills make it to Governor Abbott’s desk for signing, Speaker Phelan has instead spent his time sending attorneys after Texas Family Project and taking numerous 5 day weekends. His lack of commitment to fulfill his sworn duties as speaker continues to disappoint.

Therefore, Texas Family Project is calling for a special session to focus on critical Pro-Family Legislation such as:

  • School choice
  • Additional protection for minors from chemical, physical, and social gender transitioning
  • A complete ban on DEI practices in Texas schools
  • Protection for minors from obscene materials specifically regarding online pornography


Texas Family Project urges the Texas House to reject this clearly politically motivated impeachment process. We must quickly close out the 88th Session, and reconvene for a special session.





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