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JIM ‘PAPPY’ MOORE: American Troops versus American Politicians

By Jim “Pappy” Moore

Let it be said. We always support our troops in harm’s way, no matter who sent them there. We always back them. They are given orders and they take those orders. If we quarrel with the action commanded, we take that issue up with the politicians who have used the troops or misused the troops. Our support for our troops never wavers. But our confidence in politicians often wavers. We see how they lie, how they claim not to send troops into Laos, or Cambodia, or Syria, or some other place, but they do the same while telling us they are not.

Democrats. Republicans. They both do it. LBJ. Nixon. George W. Bush. Obama. Biden. Liars who tell Americans lies about where they are sending troops into harm’s way.

Some people see war as good for political gain at home. Some see it as good for the industry that benefits from it. Some see it as good for the business it throws their multi-national companies.

The blood of American military should never be spilled for any reason other than the stated and justifiable interests of America. The actions should be known by the citizens and it should pass muster with them. Wives, children, mothers, fathers, and siblings should never see their loved military members sent off on some political war used to gain votes in an election.

If you talk to veterans, you know we are a proud bunch. We love our country. We love our service. We may argue among each other over whose branch of service is the best, but we love our fellow veterans in a way I don’t think most non-veterans understand. It is a true bond that never goes away.

We were often naïve when we began our service to our country. We were unaware of the big picture, of the ulterior motives, of the willingness of politicians to see the sons of others sacrificed, but not the sons of the rich and powerful. In time we learned about those we might have been tasked opposing in a war venue. We learned that sometimes the issues were not so clear. We learned that maybe they wanted home rule instead of our rule. Maybe they saw themselves as the good guys who wanted to have their country ruled by their people.

Our view must always make our priority what is good for America. What is good for our people? What is worth putting our military members at risk? If the American people cannot be won over to knowingly support the dispatch of American troops, then not a drop of American blood should be shed in a foreign entanglement. 

Wise American leaders have long felt that foreign involvements should have complete disclosure to Americans and should have the support of our citizens. No troops in Ukraine without both foreknowledge and consensus. 

We have been glad in the past when someone leaked information about shady goings-on in American military actions unknown and unauthorized. We have praised The Pentagon Papers, and many other such breaches of classified protocols. The leaks of Deep Throat ended a presidency. While we condemn breaches of classified materials, we also appreciate that we finally are informed about matters our President has lied to us about. 

Back the troops, but hold the politicians accountable. They give the orders, and their reasons are often selfish.

Copyright 2023, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved. 


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