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Great Hearts Online Students Can Earn Up to 14 College Credits their Freshman Year

Great Hearts Online will launch 9th Grade in Fall 2023;

Scholars will receive a classical education while earning college credit.

Great Hearts is the leading provider of classical education in the country serving over 25,000 students in multiple modalities across several states. With a clear purpose to cultivate the hearts and minds of students through the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, the organization has embarked upon another transformative educational offering: a world-class, college-credit-bearing, flexible, and classical virtual high school.

Since launching in 2020, Great Hearts Online has served over 1,000 full-time students in grades K-8 with access to a relational, high-touch, rigorous virtual classical education. Expanding into high school allows Great Hearts Online to broaden its offering in areas such as college credit, industry certificates, and electives. This combination creates access to exceptional, classically trained faculty and college partners to shape students in the traditions and richness of the past while preparing them for the careers and world of tomorrow.

High School students attending Great Hearts Online have two options for the 23-24 school year. Scholars can choose a Traditional High School path OR a College Credit path. Both prepare young adults for college and a bright future; however, the College Credit path offers transferable college course credit and industry certificates and the opportunity to graduate with both an associate degree and a high school diploma.

While discussing how the High School model will impact students, Senior Vice President of Business Operations Dr. Roger LaMarca stated: “Due to the rigorous courses that Great Hearts offers, our brick-and-mortar students graduate prepared to attend college, and many are accepted to the most prestigious institutions in the country. With Great Hearts Online, these newly formed college partnerships and accesses will build upon that outstanding track record and continue accelerating students’ success to and through college while maintaining the depth, breadth, and virtue of a classical education.”

With the desires of today’s students and parents in mind, Great Hearts Online has embraced the digital medium as a means of partnering with families. Great Hearts Online Executive Director, Heidi Vasiloff speaks to her hope for the impact on students and families: “Removing physical boundaries, increasing student independence and engagement, and putting an exceptional Great Hearts teacher into homes around the world can have a considerable impact on families and a child’s life. We desire to provide all families with access to that option, and expanding into high school is simply the next step of our journey.”

Great Hearts Nova Founder and President, Kurtis Indorf, shares that “Great Hearts has been committed to shaping the intellectual and moral virtue of students for over 20 years. Looking ahead to the next 20 years, we are excited to continue our mission by embracing the opportunity that online learning offers.”

While the Great Hearts Online offering of classical education with college opportunities may be new, high standards for oneself and respect for others is consistent: students will meet the Great Hearts standard regardless of the campus they attend. To learn more about Great Hearts Online and our exciting opportunities click here

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About Great Hearts 

Great Hearts is a nonprofit network of public charter and tuition-based private schools dedicated to improving education nationwide through classical preparatory K-12 academies, in both online and on-campus environments. As the largest provider of liberal arts classical education in the country, Great Hearts Academies serve more than 22,000 students at 33 schools across the USA. Great Hearts provides a robust liberal arts curriculum that cultivates hearts and minds in pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty and incorporates advanced math and science and a focus on the arts and foreign languages.

Great Hearts Nova is the newest division of Great Hearts Academies, designing and operating new forms of school and learning. Over the past two years, Great Hearts Nova has developed and launched Great Hearts Online and Great Hearts Microschools with more models coming soon.

Learn more about Great Hearts Online at and about the Great Hearts network at

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