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New UT-Austin Poll Shows Bipartisan Support for ESAs in Texas

AUSTIN – This week, a new University of Texas-Austin Texas Politics Project Poll shows that not only do Texans of both parties strongly support Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), Texas voters largely believe that school choice will help improve public education in the Lone Star State.

The poll, conducted in April 2023, found that overall, 60% of Texas voters support establishing an ESA or school choice program in Texas – including 75% of Republicans and 46% of Democrats. The poll also showed that a majority of Black voters (64%) and Hispanic voters (56%) in Texas support establishing ESAs and school choice programs.

Additionally, the poll found 63% of Republican voters and 31% of Democratic voters believe enacting an ESA or school choice program “will improve public education” in Texas.

Notably, the new poll suggests a significant increase in Texans’ support for legislation authorizing ESAs and school choice programs, as researchers pointed out that in February of this year, only 8% of voters surveyed said that the Texas Legislature should prioritize school choice this session.

AFC-TX Spokesman Nathan Cunneen issued the following statement on the results of the new poll:

“The latest poll on Texans’ broad and bipartisan support for school choice couldn’t be more clear: momentum in support of expanded educational choice for Texas families is growing every day, and it’s time for the Texas Legislature to deliver. We strongly urge Texas lawmakers to heed the voices of their constituents and pass legislation authorizing Education Savings Accounts to empower the more than 5.5 million Texas students with the educational choice they deserve.”

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