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Public Health Agency of Canada report calls for toppling of ‘capitalism and liberty’ 

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1 May 2023
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Previous edition 21 April: 3 St. Louis residents indicted on charges of spreading ‘disinformation,’ promoting pro-Russian ‘propaganda,’ and ‘sowing discord’
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Public Health Agency of Canada report calls for toppling of ‘capitalism and liberty’ –The report’s all-white authors identified themselves as ‘uninvited land occupiers,’ before calling for the wholesale ‘decolonization’ of society in the interest of public healthBy Tristin Hopper | 20 April 2023 | A new Health Canada report suggests public health officials should be openly advocating for the toppling of capitalism, Western society and even the very concept of “liberty and individualism.” “Fundamental changes in our socioeconomic structures are needed to rebuild our relationships with each other and with our planet,” reads the conclusion of the April 17 report prepared for chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam. The paper — written by three authors who “identify as white settlers” — also recommended that Canadian public health actions should focus on “decolonization, justice and equity” above all. The 72-page report, What We Heard: Perspectives on Climate Change and Public Health in Canada, was commissioned to detail the “impacts of climate change on the health and well-being of people living in Canada.” The authors surveyed 30 academics and public health experts for their input.
Biden CIA chief met with Epstein several times after financier convicted of child sex crime –Burns, who became CIA director in 2021, met with Epstein while he was preparing to leave his position in the government, a CIA spokeswoman said. | 30 April 2023 | Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns had three meetings with Jeffrey Epstein in 2014, when the top spy official was deputy secretary of state and after Epstein was convicted of child sex exploitation, documents indicate. Epstein’s “black book” of contacts and flight logs shows that Burns first met with Epstein in Washington before Burns visited the convicted sex offender in his Manhattan townhouse, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. Burns, who became CIA director under Joe Biden in 2021, met with Epstein while he was preparing to leave his position in the government, CIA spokeswoman Tammy Kupperman Thorp said… Other notable names the Journal reported in Epstein’s calendar include Obama White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, who met dozens of times with Epstein after leaving the administration but before joining Goldman Sachs as a top attorney, as well as professor and activist Noam Chomsky and Bard College President Leon Botstein.  
Whistleblower says U.S. government is ‘middleman’ in multibillion-dollar child migrant trafficking operation –Whistleblower on child migrant trafficking comes as Biden admin faces scrutiny over handling of forced labor | 25 April 2023 | A House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Wednesday will feature the testimony from a whistleblower who will warn lawmakers that the U.S. has become the “middleman” in a multibillion-dollar migrant child trafficking operation at the border. The hearing, “The Biden Border Crisis: Exploitation of Unaccompanied Alien Children,” will be held by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement and will examine the surge in unaccompanied children (UACs) at the southern border. So far in fiscal year 2023, there have been more than 70,000 encounters of unaccompanied children… Written remarks by Tara Lee Rodas, a HHS whistleblower formerly with an inspector general’s office, include the following statement. “Whether intentional or not, it can be argued that the U.S. Government has become the middleman in a large scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children.  
IRS plans to hire gun-carrying special agents in all 50 states | 27 April 2023 | The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is looking to hire special agents who carry guns and make arrests with jobs available in all 50 states, according to a posting on the agency’s website. The law enforcement branch of the IRS, known as the Criminal Investigation (CI) division, is hiring for the role at locations throughout the U.S. IRS special agents within the CI division are the only IRS employees who are authorized by law to carry and use firearms. IRS-CI investigates financial crimes, m-ney laundering, tax-related identity theft and terrorist financing efforts. Under the posting’s “major duties” section, the IRS says that special agents “[c]arry a firearm; must be prepared to protect him/herself or others from physical attacks at any time and without warning and use firearms in life-threatening situations; must be willing to use force up to and including the use of deadly force.” Additionally, IRS-CI special agents must be “willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.”
People Are Being Arrested for Carrying Tiki Torches in Charlottesville ‘With Intent to Intimidate’ – Six Years After it Happened | 19 April 2023 | People are being arrested for carrying tiki torches in Charlottesville “with the intent to intimidate,” nearly six years after the march happened. A Virginia grand jury has charged at least three people with “burning an object with the intent of intimidating a person or group of people,” which carries up to five years in prison. The march took place on August 11, 2017, and was a major talking point for Joe Biden, who frequently used the rally to condemn former President Donald Trump and his supporters during his campaign. So far, William Zachary Smith, of Nacona, Texas; Tyler Bradley Dykes, of Bluffton, South Carolina; and Dallas Medina, of Ravenna, Ohio, have been indicted. Commonwealth’s Attorney James Hingeley has been tight-lipped about if more indictments exist. In addition to the charge of burning an object with the intent to intimidate, Smith has also been charged for using pepper spray during the clash between the marchers and protesters — which carries an additional maximum of 20 years in prison.
The World Economic Forum Says It Will ‘Accelerate’ Implementation of Globalist Agenda 2030 –Global leaders and representatives are being summoned to “strategize” and expedite its progress | 26 April 2023 | World leaders will be gathering together later this year to “accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030,” according to an announcement made by the unaccountable, corporate-led World Economic Forum (WEF) earlier this week. The United Nations (UN) and the WEF appear frustrated by a lack of progress made towards their “Great Reset” ideology, alongside Agenda 2030, the socialist, ideological successor to the failed “Millennium Development Goals.” The WEF — led by German engineer Klaus Schwab, whose father once worked for the Nazi Party apparatus — has said previous efforts to implement their plans “suffered unforeseen setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, major negative impacts of climate change, and the rising cost of food and fuel everywhere due to the conflict in Ukraine.
China and the Great Reset By CLG Founder, Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. | 23 April 2023 | In this essay, I first aim to show that China is the model for the Great Reset. China’s economic and political system, “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” is the globalists’ blueprint for West. Second, I address the role that China itself may play in the new globalist order… As I show in The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty, at least 67 WEF members have also been members of one or more of these Round Tables predecessors. Many of these WEF/Round Table members have also held positions in one or more global governance institutions. The WEF has deep roots in these older Round Table groups and is buttressed by them. These philosophical and organizational connections make clear that the Great Reset has been in the making for many years, if not decades. Today, several Chinese figures hold memberships in these Round Table NGOs and global governance organizations and are connected to the WEF, either through the WEF’s corporate partners, as WEF contributors, or otherwise. And numerous China-based companies are among the WEF’s partners.
Biden threatens North Korea with annihilation –A nuclear attack by Pyongyang would “result in the end” of Kim Jong-un’s regime, Biden warned | 26 April 2023 | U.S. President [sic] Joe Biden declared on Wednesday that a North Korean nuclear attack on his country or South Korea would spell doom for Pyongyang. Under a new agreement between Washington and Seoul, the U.S. would respond to such an attack with nuclear weapons, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol added. “A nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies or partners is unacceptable and will result in the end of whatever regime were to take such an action,” Biden told reporters at the White House. Speaking alongside Biden, Yoon [also a lunatic] declared, “We can achieve peace through the superiority of overwhelming forces and not a false peace based on the goodwill of the other side,” Yoon said, adding that in the event of a nuclear attack from the north, the U.S. and South Korea would “respond swiftly, overwhelmingly and decisively using the full force of the alliance, including U.S. nuclear weapons.” 
Ukraine regime restricts use of ‘Z’ and ‘V’ on car plates | 29 April 2023 | Ukraine’s dictatorship has restricted use of the ‘Z’ and ‘V’ symbols in personalized license plates, the country’s Interior Ministry announced on Friday. The two letters are commonly associated with the “Russian aggression” against Ukraine, the ministry asserted, explaining the measure. While the letters were not subjected to a blanket ban, they cannot be used from now on as standalone symbols on a plate or as a substitute for similar-sounding Cyrillic letters in words. The ‘Z’ and ‘V’ letters originally appeared as tactical markings used on equipment by various groupings of Russian troops at the start of hostilities between Moscow and Kiev in February 2022. Their use as symbols subsequently went viral, surfacing on assorted merchandise and memorabilia related to the ongoing military operation.
U.S. Begins First Mass Evacuation Effort of Citizens From Sudan | 30 April 2023 | The U.S. State Department confirmed that it’s launching the first mass evacuation of its citizens from Sudan amid fighting between rival factions that started earlier this month. A U.S. government-backed convoy carrying U.S. citizens arrived at Port Sudan on April 29, the State Department said in a statement over the weekend. Port Sudan, which sits near the Red Sea, is located hundreds of miles away from Khartoum, Sudan’s capital. Families of trapped U.S. citizens have been critical of the White House’s response for initially ruling out an evacuation, The Associated Press reported. When the conflict broke out earlier this month, U.S. officials warned that citizens would need to find their own way out of the country.
Another jab to the face of common sense: CDC sticks with Covid vaccine requirement for travelers coming to U.S. – a policy that’s had NO effect on transmission rates — Few countries still require visitors to have received a Covid vaccine to gain entry | 28 April 2023 | US health officials are pushing ahead with a Covid vaccine mandate for travelers entering the country — despite no evidence it reduces infection rates. There was an expectation the unpopular policy would be ditched when the federal government officially ends the nation’s public health emergency on May 11, when any still-standing pandemic measures are expected to be ended. But, in an announcement Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated the policy rather than dropping it. Sticking with the vaccine mandate rule makes the U.S. an international outlier… A 2022 paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that after 25 weeks, the protection the Pfizer vaccine gave to recipients against Omicron infection fell to just nine percent.

Chicago must rehire, pay back wages to workers punished over COVID-19 vaccination mandate – judge –Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D-Deranged) implemented a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for city employees in October 2021. | 24 April 2023 | An Illinois judge ruled that the city of Chicago must rehire and pay back lost wages of unionized city employees who were fired or disciplined for violating COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Administrative law judge Anna Hamburg-Gal, writing on behalf of the Illinois Labor Relations Board, said that the city “failed and refused” to bargain in good faith with union leaders “over the effects of its decision to implement a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.” The decision applies to unionized city of Chicago employees working as carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, machinists, and other job categories. Affected employees must also be paid back lost wages and benefits with 7% annual interest, according to the ruling.

Mother of 7 Denied Kidney Transplant for Refusing COVID Shot in Georgia | 24 April 2023 | On dialysis and potentially facing death, a 41-year-old homeschooling mother of seven young children has been rejected as a candidate for a life-saving kidney transplant by Emory Healthcare Inc. of Atlanta. The reason? The woman, who has already had COVID-19, refused to receive the [often deadly] COVID-19 vaccine on religious and medical grounds. To protect her privacy, the patient will be referred to in this article as Jane Doe. Affiliated with Emory University, Emory Healthcare is one of the leading organ transplant centers in the South. According to Liberty Counsel (LC), a national non-profit legal organization helping Doe, she was referred to Emory by her nephrologist after suddenly coming down with end-stage kidney disease.
Epidemic of 15-19 year-olds dropping dead in schools and dorms across U.S., Canada in April 2023 By Dr. William Makis, MD | 23 April 2023 | There truly seems to be an epidemic of sudden deaths in schools across USA and Canada recently. Here are the most recent tragic cases
HPV Vaccine Caused Cervical Cancer in Young Woman, Lawsuit Alleges –Dozens of federal Gardasil injury cases filed throughout the country have been consolidated in North Carolina. | 25 April 2023 | Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine injury lawyers from Wisner Baum (formerly Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman) filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of a young Utah woman who alleges Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine caused her to develop cervical cancer and other injuries. This is the first lawsuit to allege Gardasil [aka Gardakill] can cause cervical cancer, the very cancer Merck asserts Gardasil prevents. Plaintiff Caroline Cantera, 25, alleges New Jersey-based Merck & Co., Inc. and subsidiary Merck Sharp & Dohme oversold Gardasil as a “cervical cancer vaccine” and downplayed known health risks to enhance sales. Cantera’s attorneys, Bijan Esfandiari, Michael L. Baum, and Monique Alarcon filed the complaint (Case No. 3:23-cv-00161) in U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina as part of the Gardasil multidistrict litigation (MDL No. 3036).

Train derails in Wisconsin near Mississippi River –Authorities have not said whether there were any injuries or fatalities | 27 April 2023 | A train derailed Thursday in Wisconsin near the Mississippi River, according to reports. The train derailment occurred near State Routes 35 and 82, News8000 reported. Video of the wreckage filmed by a bystander appears to show cargo boxes along the railway and the river. U.S. Rep. Derrick Van Orden, R-Wisconsin, who sits on the House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, released a statement on the matter. “My staff was just made aware of a train derailment in our District south of the Lansing Bridge in Ferryville,” his office tweeted. “We have begun to coordinate with BNSF, FEMA, Wisconsin Emergency Management, the state and national Departments of Transportation, Crawford County officials, and Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (IA-2), whose District may also be impacted, to get answers on what occurred.”

Texas cattle found dead with tongues cut out –The Texas sheriff’s office is coordinating with other agencies to investigating the suspicious deaths of other cattle found in similar circumstances | 22 April 2023 | Texas authorities are investigating the deaths of six cattle that were found with their tongues removed, no blood spilled and no signs of struggle. The cattle were found along a Texas highway in Madison, Brazos, and Robertson County. Ranchers told the Madison County Sheriff’s Office that a six-year-old longhorn-cross cow had been found, lying on her side and mutilated. A straight, clean cut had been made with “apparent precision” to remove the hide around the cow’s mouth on one side – leaving the mat under the removed hide untouched, the sheriff’s office said. The tongue had also been completely removed with no blood spill. The sheriff’s office said there were no signs of struggle, and there were no signs of footprints or tire tracks in the area. Stranger still, no predators or birds would scavenge the remains of the cow, leaving it to decay for several weeks.  
PNC, JPMorgan putting in final bids for First Republic Bank in FDIC auction | 30 April 2023 | PNC Financial Services Group and JPMorgan Chase & Co were among banks set to submit final bids for First Republic Bank by midday Sunday in an auction being run by U.S. regulators, sources familiar with the matter said. Citizens Financial Group Inc was another bidder in the final phase of the process, according to one of the sources familiar with the matter. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp is expected to announce a deal on Sunday night before Asian markets open, with the regulator likely to say at the same time that it had seized the lender, three sources previously told Reuters.
Pfizer, Lockheed Martin, others donated $61.8 mln for Biden’s inaugural | 21 April 2023 | Joe Biden raised 61.8 million for his inauguration events, receiving large contributions from corporations, labor unions and wealthy individuals, according to a financial disclosure. The Democratic president’s [sic] inaugural committee took in 1 million in contributions each from about 10 big companies, including Pfizer Inc, the maker of one of the COVID-19 vaccines being deployed in the United States, as well as from AT&T Services Inc, Bank of America Corp, and Boeing Co. Corporations making 1 million donations also included Uber Technologies Inc, Lockheed Martin Corp and Qualcomm Inc, according to the filing submitted on Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission. [Hence, the vaccine mandates and billions in “defense” to the Nazis in Ukraine.]
Biden-Harris Invest $1.5 Billion in Wireless Radiation Deployment | 27 April 2023 | In partnership with the National Telecommunication Information Administration (NTIA), the Biden administration is spending another 1.5 BILLION dollars to increase wireless radiation levels in the United States. The marketing term is “5G,” but the actual agent transmitted by wireless infrastructure (aka “5G”) is microwave radiation, a hazardous physical agent which is the fourth largest source of harmful pollution. U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo stated: “…[T]his initial round of funding will help to ensure that the future of 5G and next-gen wireless technology is built by the U.S. and its global allies and partners — not vendors from nations that threaten our national security.” What needs to be more fully understood by the general public is the fact that NTIA’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) is closely linked to the United Nations (UN) International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the world’s standardizing body for “5G,” now moving to “6G.” Also, the FCC follows the guidance of the UN ITU.
Biden admin preparing major crackdown on power plants that fuel nation’s grid | 22 April 2023 | The Biden regime is reportedly finalizing a proposal that would force fossil fuel-fired power plants to substantially curb emissions or utilize costly carbon capture technology. The proposal — which will soon be released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — is expected to require coal- and natural gas-fired power plants to cut or capture the vast majority of their carbon dioxide emissions by 2040, The New York Times reported on Saturday, citing officials briefed on a draft of the plan. The regulation, if finalized, would represent the first-ever federal action curbing power plant emissions. An Office of Management and Budget filing from late last year stated that the EPA anticipates issuing a proposed rule for the action, described as a proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired plants, in spring 2023 and promulgating a final rule by summer 2024.
Biden Administration Paves Way for Confucius Institute Affiliate Schools to Receive Federal Funding –Waiver program lets colleges who host Confucius Institute chapters circumvent a ban on receiving federal funds | 26 April 2023 | The Biden administration is quietly helping American universities that host China’s Confucius Institute on their campuses circumvent a ban on receiving federal funds. The Defense Department in late March announced that it would grant waivers to allow schools to host chapters of the Confucius Institute, a Chinese Communist Party-backed program that Beijing uses to peddle influence and steal intellectual property from American universities. The department’s waiver program is a response to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which barred American colleges and universities from receiving federal dollars if they maintain Confucius Institute chapters. Lawmakers say the Defense Department is subverting federal law.
James Comer Says Biden Legal Team Is Intimidating Witnesses: ‘They Fear for Their Lives’ | 28 April 2023 | Representative James Comer (R-KY) has accused Joe Biden’s legal team of threatening witnesses who were set to testify in an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. During an interview, Comer, Chairman, House Oversight Committee, spoke about the pressure that has been placed on witnesses in his district, saying, “We’ve got witnesses that are scared to death to come forward. They fear for their lives.” He also mentioned that banks that had worked with his investigation were being squeezed by high-ranking officials in the Democratic Party for complying with subpoenas. Comer went on to express his disappointment with the way the attorneys have been behaving, adding that they are “testing the limits with respect to witness intimidation.”
Manhattan DA drops appeal after federal judge rules Jim Jordan can subpoena ex-prosecutor | 21 April 2023 | Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg dropped an appeal he filed after a federal judge ruled that an ex-prosecutor in his office can be subpoenaed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). Bragg dropped the appeal Friday, after the parties came to an agreement on a testimony from former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz to the House Judiciary Committee. The agreement stipulates that a lawyer from Bragg’s office will be present at the testimony who can make objections. U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil rejected Bragg’s request Wednesday asking for a temporary restraining order and injunction after Jordan issued a subpoena to Pomerantz. Bragg immediately appealed the ruling Wednesday and wanted a stay of the ruling.
Federal judge rules Jim Jordan can subpoena ex-Manhattan prosecutor who investigated Trump | 19 April 2023 | A federal judge ruled Wednesday that House Judiciary Committee Republicans can question a former Manhattan prosecutor about the criminal case against former President Trump, saying Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg does not have a legal basis to block the congressional subpoena. U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil rejected Bragg’s request for a temporary restraining order and injunction after Chairman Jim Jordan issued a subpoena to former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz last week. Bragg almost immediately appealed the ruling and sought a stay of the decision… The judge on Wednesday ruled that the subpoena was issued with a valid legislative purpose. 
BlackRock Owns 15.1% of the Fox Corporation –That can’t be healthy By Robert W. Malone, MD, MS | 25 April 2023 | (Opinion) It doesn’t take a genius to know that yesterday, we got another really big flag to get off of main stream news if you seek any unbiased news analysis or editorial content. That the biases, the censorship is only going to get worse. And no, I am not necessarily writing of Tucker’s departure, although that too is another signpost. What really has me concerned is that earlier this year, it was announced that BlackRock has increased its ownership position in Fox Corporation (FOXA). This increase in stock ownership now means that Blackrock owns 15.1% of the Fox Corporation. They are the second largest owner, just after the Murdock family…BUT with this increase in 2.7% of Fox Corp, it is clear that Blackrock is fast becoming a controlling entity in Fox Corporation. Together, BlackRock and Vanguard own 18% of Fox (now almost 21%), 16% of CBS, 13% of Comcast — which owns NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and the Sky media group, 12% of CNN, and 12% of Disney — which owns a number of subsidiaries. Media behemoths that may present themselves as rivals are, in reality, owned by the same company.
Ex-producer suing Tucker Carlson has never even met him –The allegation per Grossberg’s attorneys is that Carlson directed the “sexist” environment from afar. | 26 April 2023 | Tucker Carlson Tonightproducer Abby Grossberg is suing Carlson and the Fox Network over sexual behavior in the workplace, despite never having met Carlson in person. The Spectator reports that lawyers for Grossberg have confirmed that she never actually met Carlson. “Like many on the [Tucker Carlson Tonight] staff, Abby never met Tucker Carlson in person because he taped the show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida, and he did not visit Fox’s NY HQ during her time there,” said one of Grossberg’s attorneys Kimberly A. Catala. Grossberg was the head of booking from July 2022 until she was recently placed on leave in March…Despite never having met Carlson, Grossberg told rival network MSNBC: “Tucker and his executive producer Justin Wells, who was also fired, really were responsible for breaking me and making my life a living h-ll.
Tucker Carlson breaks silence after Fox News departure with Twitter video: ‘See you soon’ –The video runs a little over two minutes and was seen by 1.7 million people within the hour after it was posted | 26 April 2023 | Tucker Carlson emerged on social media Wednesday night with a video on Twitter, finally breaking his silence days after his abrupt departure from Fox News was announced Monday. In his signature delivery, and seated in what seemed like a professional studio, Carlson criticized both political parties and lamented that the “big topics get virtually no discussion.” “Both political parties and their donors have reached consensus on what benefits them, and they actively collude to shut down any conversation about it,” Carlson says. “Suddenly, the United States looks very much like a one party state. That’s a depressing realization, but it’s not permanent. Where can you still find Americans saying true things? There aren’t many places left, but there are some,” Carlson said near the end, before signing off with “see you soon.”
Tucker Carlson Leaves Fox News, Effective Immediately | 24 April 2023 | Fox News on Monday confirmed that it “parted ways” with popular primetime host Tucker Carlson, offering no explanation why. “FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor,” said a news release from the news channel. The release said that his departure from the network is effective immediately. Carlson’s last show was on Friday, April 21. It means that Carlson will not have the opportunity to host a final Fox News show and bid his viewers farewell. In Carlson’s place, Fox News Tonight, will air starting at 8 p.m., a time slot that Carlson has held since April 2017. That will be “an interim show helmed by rotating FOX News personalities until a new host is named,” said Fox’s news release. [Don’t bother. No one will be tuning in to watch Paul Ryan’s cesspool of big pharma shills and neocons. CLG News Founder Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., was one of Tucker’s last guests. Michael appreared on Tucker Carlson Originals in a segment called “Let Them Eat Bugs.]
Why Fox Fired Tucker: BlackRock, Replacement Theory, and the ADLBy CLG News Founder, Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. | 25 April 2023 | Why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson? Some claim that Tucker had planned to leave the network all along, and merely resigned. He had even had a studio built in his own home. He was fed up with Fox and decided to call it quits, so the story goes. But this theory is belied by the fact that Tucker’s production team was taken entirely by surprise by the news. For instance, I received the following text message from Scooter Downey, a producer of Tucker Carlson Originals, in response to my query after the announcement: “No idea what’s going on. Crazy!” …Tucker crossed significant establishment redlines and has finally suffered the consequences. He consistently argued that that the ruling elite hates the majority and consistently attacks it, that national sovereignty is being eroded, and that the electorate is being replaced. The redlines included his criticism of Volodymyr Zelensky and the U.S. involvement in the Ukrainian war, his criticism of the covid responses that destroyed the economy, his questioning of the vaccines, and his targeting by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for various “offenses.
Biden cheat sheet shows he had advance knowledge of journalist’s question | 26 April 2023 | A cheat sheet held by Joe Biden during a Wednesday press conference revealed that the 80-year-old had advance knowledge of a question from a journalist. “How are YOU squaring YOUR domestic priorities — like re-shoring semiconductors manufacturing — with alliance-based foreign policy?” read a question from Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian. The revelation came during a joint press conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol that discussed growing nuclear threats from North Korea — as the nations celebrate the 70th anniversary of their alliance. Another cheat sheet showed the names of other Biden administration officials to relay the order remarks would be delivered at the press conference. It’s not the first time Biden’s crib notes have been outed by speedy photojournalists — which fuel Republicans’ speculation about his mental acuity.
Transgender Minnesota lawmaker introduces bill removing anti-pedophile language from state’s Human Rights Act | 26 April 2023 | A transgender state lawmaker in Minnesota introduced a measure that would remove language from the state’s Human Rights Act that currently declares pedophiles are not included in protections based on “sexual orientation.” The proposed language has shocked and bewildered Republicans, but the bill’s author says nothing in the text would weaken pedophilia laws. The “Take Pride Act” (HF 1655) was introduced earlier this year by state Rep. Leigh Finke, a [scum-bag] member of the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party and the first transgender legislator in Minnesota House history. The bill would amend the state’s Human Rights Act, which is described by the state as “one of the strongest civil rights laws in the country.” The current Human Rights Act protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation…The law also includes this caveat: “‘Sexual orientation’ does not include a physical or sexual attachment to children by an adult.” That language would be removed under Finke’s proposal.
Michigan school district in legal trouble after allowing gay pride sweaters but not ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ shirts | 25 April 2023 | Two students who were prohibited from wearing clothing that featured a phrase critical of Joe Biden have filed a lawsuit against their Michigan school district. The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE)…are representing the Tri County Middle School students who sued the school district Tuesday for viewpoint discrimination after they were forced to remove sweatshirts they wore to school that featured the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” in February 2022. An assistant principal and a teacher “ordered the boys to remove the sweatshirts” for allegedly breaking dress code while allowing other students to don other political apparel like “gay-pride-themed hoodies,” according to FIRE. The district and its employees — according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, Southern Division — “are censoring students who try to express support for former President Donald Trump or opposition to President [sic] Joe Biden.
Dylan Mulvaney thinks it should be ‘illegal’ for journalists to use wrong pronouns [Don’t worry, Dylan. The way this country is going, soon – it will be.] | 27 April 2023 | Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney once declared that it should be “illegal” when journalists do not refer to her [sic – Arrest me!] by her preferred pronoun. In an October 2022 TikTok video titled “Adult Bullies,” Mulvaney – a transgender woman who was born male – detailed the “hate” she received since launching her “Days of Girlhood” series online, telling followers, “I didn’t know what I was signing up for when I started this.” Turning the focus to the press, Mulvaney said she had a bone to pick with “conservative news outlets” that call “me a man over and over” in their coverage while using her content “against” her. “Like, the articles written about me using ‘he’ pronouns and calling me a man over and over again, I feel like that should be illegal. I don’t know, that’s just bad journalism,” Mulvaney said.
Chicago teens charged with misdemeanor for stealing car, causing crash that killed baby, hurt 3 others | 23 April 2023 | Two Chicago teens have been charged with only a misdemeanor for stealing a car and crashing it into a pickup truck, resulting in the death of a baby and the wounding of three passengers. The boys, age 14 and 17, were speeding down West Washington Road where they blew through an intersection and collided with a pickup truck carrying an adult woman and three children. Cristian Uvidia, a 6-month-old, died of his injuries while the other three passengers, 34, 17, and 7 years old, were treated at Stroger Hospital… Manslaughter in Illinois carries a sentence of 2 to 5 years, fines up to 25,000, and four years probation.
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