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Texans Strongly Support Parent Protections for Kids Online Activity

AUSTIN — A new poll conducted by WPA Intelligence for the Texas Public Policy Foundation shows Texans overwhelmingly support for stronger parental controls over kids’ online activity. The survey polled register voters statewide from April 13-17 and has a margin of error of 3.5%.



  • 79% of all Texans and 84% of parents said tech companies do not do enough online to protect children.
  • 91% of all Texans and 96% of parents said social media accounts created by children must be approved by their parents and can be closed if the parent desires.
  • 93% of all Texans and 96% of parents said parents should be able to monitor the amount of time children spend on a social media site.
  • 93% of all Texans and 97% of parents said parents should be able to control privacy settings, including location data.
  • 92% of all Texans and 97% of parents said parents should be able to approve data collection, can see what data is collected about their children, and can delete the data.
  • 91% of all Texans and 94% of parents said parents should have full transparency about how the data collected on their children is used in marketing.

“It’s time for Texas to step up and lead the nation in kids’ online safety,” said David Dunmoyer, TPPF’s campaign director for the Better Technology for Tomorrow campaign. “While Texas remains a beacon for the rest of the nation in promoting liberty and strong family values, absent the ability of parents to parent the way they see fit online, this vision is under siege. The Texas House is considering a strong plan, HB 18, to tackle one of the greatest threats our kids face today. Now it is time for the Legislature to finish the job and stand up for kids and parents online.”

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