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EMS program conducts live trauma scenarios

transporting patient on gurney

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program at NTCC went the extra mile for hands-on training this week as they conducted a full-scale trauma scenario on campus.

EMS Program instructors Gary Short and Russell VanBibber hosted Titus Regional Medical Center EMS for a 16-hour continuing education course, International Trauma Life Support (ITLS). TRMC Deputy Chief Paramedic Wade Cannon and Rhanda Warren RN conducted the lecture portion on day one.

Day two consisted of trauma scenarios. A portion of the scenarios were conducted in live training with a simulated patient. TRMC EMS Staff were partnered with NTCC EMS paramedic students in the assessment, treatment and transporting of the “injured” patient that “fell” off a ten-foot ladder.

ems students working on patient

“Injuries” included a fractured wrist, pelvis, multiple cuts, and abrasions.  A medical incident “caused” the fall. The “diabetic” patient had a low blood sugar (42mg/dl)

“Thank you to all involved in making the ITLS course a success. Scenarios like this add an extra layer of reality to learning and is very valuable for students,” VanBibber said.

EMT and Paramedic initial and continuing education courses are conducted every semester.  The EMS program is currently accepting applications. For more information visit

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