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Declassified Guantanamo court filing suggests some 9/11 hijackers were CIA agents

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15 April 2023
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Previous edition 11 April: FBI sought to develop sources in Christian churches and Catholic dioceses to combat ‘domestic terrorism’
Declassified Guantanamo court filing suggests some 9/11 hijackers were CIA agents –This account was backed up by another FBI investigator, “CS-3,” who further claims that Bayoumi setting up bank accounts and renting an apartment for the two hijackers in San Diego “was done at the behest of the CIA.” | 12 April 2023 | An explosive court filing from the Guantanamo Military Commission – a court considering the cases of defendants accused of carrying out the “9/11” terrorist attacks on New York – has seemingly confirmed the unthinkable. The document was originally published via a Guantanamo Bay court docket, but while public, it was completely redacted. Independent researchers obtained an unexpurgated copy. It is an account by the Commission’s lead investigator, DEA veteran Don Canestraro, of his personal probe of potential Saudi government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, conducted at the request of the defendants’ lawyers. Two of the hijackers were being closely monitored by the CIA and may, wittingly or not, have been recruited by Langley long before they flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings. [I’m putting my $ on “wittingly.”] Of the great many enduring mysteries of the 9/11 attacks still unresolved over two decades later, perhaps the biggest and gravest relate to the activities of Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar in the 18 months leading up to that fateful day. The pair traveled to the US on multi-entry visas in January 2000, despite having repeatedly been flagged by the CIA and NSA previously as likely Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] terrorists.
Russia places Pacific fleet on ‘high alert’ | 14 April 2023 | Russia has switched its Pacific Navy fleet to full combat readiness mode as part of a surprise check, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said. He explained that drills would be held aimed at preventing enemy forces from landing on Sakhalin Island and the southern coast of the Kuril Islands. Addressing Russia’s top brass on Friday, Shoigu said that the “Pacific Fleet was put on high alert at full strength” at 9am local time that same day. He added that the exercise’s objective is to enhance the “armed forces’ ability to repel aggression by a potential adversary from the ocean and sea.” According to Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, special emphasis is being placed on ensuring the strategic nuclear submarines’ combat readiness… The Russian Air Force is taking part in the maneuvers alongside the Navy.
U.S. Working on ‘Universal’ Genetically Engineered Bioweapon – Russian Parliamentary Investigation | 12 April 2023 | Russian lawmakers have completed an investigation into Washington’s military-related biological activities at laboratories across Ukraine on the basis of findings made public by Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops over the past year. Washington is working on a “universal” genetically engineered bioweapon designed to cause severe damage to enemies comparable to that of a “nuclear winter,” a Russian parliamentary commission investigating US biolabs in Ukraine has concluded. “The United States aims to develop a universal genetically engineered biological weapon capable of infecting not only people, but animals as well as agricultural crops. Its use involves, among other things, the goal of inflicting large-scale and irreparable economic damage on the enemy,” the commission wrote in its final report.
U.S. intel agencies may change how they monitor social media, chatrooms after missing leaked U.S. documents for weeks | 12 April 2023 | The Biden administration is looking at expanding how it monitors social media sites and chatrooms after U.S. intelligence agencies failed to spot classified Pentagon documents circulating online for weeks, according to a senior administration official and a congressional official briefed on the matter. The possible change in the intelligence-gathering process is just one potential shift as officials scramble to determine not only how the documents leaked but also how to prevent another damaging incident. Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin were briefed about the disclosure last week, administration officials say, but the secret documents appeared online in early March on the Discord social media app, according to Bellingcat, the open-source investigative group. Some documents may have appeared as early as January, the group said.
What We Know About Jack Teixeira, Accused of Involvement in Classified Documents Leak | 14 April 2023 | A 21-year-old has been taken into custody for allegedly being involved in the leak of secret U.S. military documents. Jack Teixeira of the Massachusetts Air National Guard was arrested on April 13 at a home in southern Massachusetts, about 18 miles east of Providence, Rhode Island. Here’s what we know about Teixeira. After enlisting in September 2019, Teixeira became a cyber transport systems specialist, a National Guard spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email. According to his specialty code, Teixeira was listed at the lowest skill level… Teixeira has been mobilized for federal duty under Title 10 since 2021, according to the National Guard. Teixeira was assigned to the 102nd Intelligence Wing, which is based out of Otis Air National Guard Base.
The Arrest of a 21-Year-Old National Guard Member for Leaking Classified Docs Leads to More Questions Than Answers By Larry Johnson | 14 April 2023 | Until I saw the document labeled, CIA Operations Center Intelligence Update, I was inclined to believe that the leaked documents were the work of a frustrated whistleblower. But I have changed my mind. This looks like a controlled, directed leak by individuals who manipulated the 21-year-old National Guard troop member into taking certain documents and posting them on a public server. The CIA Operations Center Intelligence Update is a document produced by analysts in the Operations Center to be delivered to the regular CIA analysts. When I worked in the Ops Center…I would write up summary paragraphs just like the ones in the documents leaked online. This was an internal CIA document. It was not broadcast to the other intelligence agencies. In my 23 years working with U.S. military commands around the world, I never saw a copy of this type of report circulating among those with the highest clearances. Never. How did a 21-year-old kid get his hands on at least two of these?
Pfizer funded CDC ‘behavior change’ project that targeted vaccine critics with psyops | 14 April 2023 | A new report has shed fresh light on the connection between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and numerous private-sector drug, vaccine, and health care companies that have been working together to silence vaccine critics from speaking their minds. The Public Good Projects (PGP), as it is benevolently dubbed, describes itself as a public health non-profit group centered around “large-scale monitoring programs, social and behavior change interventions.” But PGP is little more than a mass censorship operation that, especially at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, kept itself busy de-platforming doctors and other medical specialists who tried to sound the alarm about the dangers of mRNA shots… The New York City Health Department’s Misinformation Response Unit (MRU) also contributed to the PGP, which also operates an initiative called Shots Heard that is similar to the United Nations Verified Initiative, the Vaccine Confidence Project, and Team Halo.
International research suggests masks better at causing ‘long COVID’ than stopping virus –“Mask-induced exhaustion-syndrome” resembles long COVID symptoms, Swiss peer-reviewed study finds. –London hospital that made surgical masks optional after NHS ended mandate sees no change in infection rate. | 14 April 2023 | Government-backed assumptions about the safety and effectiveness of high-quality mask-wearing against COVID-19 are facing scrutiny from new international research that shines a harsh light on the feds’ continued faith in face coverings. Surgical and N95-grade masks might induce symptoms misidentified as biologically elusive “long COVID,” according to a “systematic review” in the peer-reviewed Swiss journal Frontiers in Public Health. It echoes a recent study of Norwegian adolescents and young adults on long COVID’s connection to “loneliness” and physical inactivity — conditions exacerbated by pandemic interventions. A U.K. government meta review found no real-world evidence that N95s and equivalent masks protect those at highest risk of severe COVID, while a U.K. hospital study found “no discernible difference” from surgical masks in “reducing hospital-acquired SARS-CoV-2 infections.”
Devastating explosion leaves at least 18,000 cows dead and one person critically injured –Initial reports say more than 18,000 cows died in the Texas explosion | 12 April 2023 | Approximately 18,000 cows were killed, and one person was critically injured, in an explosion at a dairy farm in the Texas Panhandle on Monday. The Castro County Sheriff’s Office confirmed with Fox News Digital that the cows were in a holding area before being brought in for milking when the blast occurred at the Southfork Dairy Farm in Dimmitt. Very few cows in the holding area survived, officials told local outlet KFDA. “Your count probably is close to that. There’s some that survived, there’s some that are probably injured to the point where they’ll have to be destroyed,” Castro County Sherif Sal Rivera told KFDA… The Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the cause of the fire.
Japan killed 17 million chickens amid an outbreak of bird flu. It’s running out of space to bury them –As a result, egg prices soared in Japan, prompting some restaurants to suspend sales of egg-based items. | 6 April 2023 | Japan has culled a record 17.4 million birds since October 2022, stressing local governments and farmers who are now struggling to find suitable land for burying carcasses, broadcaster NHK reported on Tuesday. Chickens are culled to prevent the risk of the bird flu crossing over to other animals and humans…according to the World Health Organization. As Japan battles its worst bird flu season ever, about 60% of prefectures — or regions — that have reported outbreaks have trouble finding land for burying chicken carcasses, per NHK. The carcasses can’t just be buried anywhere due to fears of contamination, especially if water is present. Some regions are addressing the problem by securing other plots of land or by incinerating the carcasses, according to the broadcaster. However, not all of them have enough capacity to incinerate so many carcasses, according to another NHK report in October. 
Trump Spends 7 Hours Answering Questions in Deposition for $250 Million Fraud Lawsuit | 14 April 2023 | Former President Donald Trump spent nearly seven hours on April 13 answering questions during his second deposition as part of a 250 million fraud case bought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Trump was seen arriving by motorcade at the attorney general’s office in Lower Manhattan just after 9:30 a.m. and left just after 6 p.m., according to reports. His attorney Alina Habba said he was “not only willing but also eager to testify” in the deposition for which James, a Democrat, was reportedly not present. That marks a reversal from Trump’s previous deposition in the civil case last year when he invoked his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination and remained silent. “He remains resolute in his stance that he has nothing to conceal, and he looks forward to educating the attorney general about the immense success of his multi-billion dollar company,” Habba told The Epoch Times.
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg sues Rep. Jim Jordan over Trump indictment subpoenas | 11 April 2023 | Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit against Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, alleging that the Republican lawmaker is trying to wage a campaign of intimidation over his prosecution of former President Donald Trump. In his lawsuit, the Democratic D.A. said he’s taking legal action “in response to an unprecedently brazen and unconstitutional attack by members of Congress on an ongoing New York State criminal prosecution and investigation of former President Donald J. Trump.” Bragg is asking a judge to invalidate subpoenas that Jordan, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has or plans to issue as part of an investigation of Bragg’s handling of the Trump case… Jordan tweeted Tuesday: “First, they indict a president for no crime. Then, they sue to block congressional oversight when we ask questions about the federal funds they say they used to do it.
George Soros’s son made at least 14 visits to the White House, records show | 8 April 2023 | A son of billionaire George Soros has quietly become a de-facto White House “ambassador,” making at least 14 visits there on behalf of the far-left kingmaker since Joe Biden took office, records reviewed by The Post show. Alexander Soros — a prolific Democratic fundraiser in his own right who likes to boast about his relationships with world leaders on social media — scored at least a dozen meetings with White House officials in 2022, according to recently updated White House visitor logs. Soros, 37, also participated in two other confabs there in late 2021, the records show. His latest trips include visiting December 1 with then-White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s advisor Nina Srivastava, who also worked on Biden’s presidential “campaign,” the logs show.
Beer juggernaut sheds nearly $5B in value since polarizing partnership with trans activist –‘This is probably the biggest controversy we’ve seen in a long time,’ industry expert tells Fox News Digital | 12 April 2023 | Beer juggernaut Anheuser-Busch has seen its value nosedive nearly 5 billion since Bud Light’s polarizing partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. According to the Dow Jones Market Data Group, Bud Light’s parent company is down 4.7 percent and has lost about 4.56 billion in market cap since March 31. The beer maker’s stock shed more than 1.5% on Wednesday alone. The stock was 66.73 per share on March 31 and closed at 63.38 on Wednesday.
Bombshell lawsuit claims JP Morgan execs were so familiar with Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of young girls they joked about him being with 16-year-old Miley Cyrus | 12 April 2023 | Executives at JP Morgan were so familiar with Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse that they laughed about him being out with 16-year-old Miley Cyrus, court documents claim. A bombshell lawsuit states that senior managers at the bank ‘joked about (Epstein’s) interest in young girls’ including Cyrus in 2008 when she was still starring in the Disney TV series Hannah Montana. Staff at JP Morgan were accused of making light of the pedophile’s activities in a case filed against it by the government of the US Virgin Islands. The lawsuit also alleges that at least 20 victims were paid through Epstein’s accounts with JP Morgan in excess of 1m.  
Pelosi appears to take subtle dig at Fetterman in alleging sexism as calls grow for Feinstein to resign –Democratic Reps. Ro Khanna and Dean Phillips called on Feinstein to resign on Wednesday| 13 April 2023 | Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., suggested that calls for longtime Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., to resign were sexist, noting that she has “never seen them go after a man who was sick in the Senate in that way,” in an apparent reference to Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., who has been absent for a couple of months due to clinical depression [not to mention, the stroke following his mRNA injection]. “It’s interesting to me. I don’t know what political agendas are at work that are going after Sen. Feinstein in that way. I’ve never seen them go after a man who was sick in the Senate in that way,” Pelosi told reporters Wednesday. A spokesperson for Pelosi told Fox News Digital,  “Speaker Pelosi’s comment was not referencing any specific case, but commenting on the historic attitude.”
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