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[New Report] 83% are pressured to stay connected outside of work in 2023

By Madison Haggin

In Texas, 16% of workers still work from home in 2023, for a total of 2,222,561 workers. That’s why the team at Forbes Advisor decided to analyze how digital communication is affecting workers in 2023.

Forbes Advisor surveyed 1,000 employed Americans to find out how communication culture in the workplace has evolved for 2023. We ask which tools they use, how digital communication affects their work-life balance, and what types of communication cause workers increased stress.

The new study from Forbes Advisor found that 83% of workers feel pressured to be connected to work outside of normal working hours because of digital communication tools. With 60% experiencing increased burnout.

See our full report, including the methodology and infographics, here:

Highlights from our report:

  • 45%  of workers report that ineffective communication impacts their trust in leadership and their peers.

  • 42% experience increased stress from crafting written responses with the right tone, while 45% become stressed when they see a manager typing a message to them.

  • 48% of workers tie effective communication directly to their job satisfaction.

  • On average, workers spend 20 hours a week using digital communication tools.

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