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Jason Flom issues statement on Richard Glossip AG filing in Oklahoma

Today, Jason Flom, renowned criminal justice activist and CEO of Lava for Good, issued a statement upon hearing the news that Richard Glossip’s murder conviction could be vacated after Oklahoma attorney general Gentner Drummond filed a motion asking for a new trial. Glossip is currently scheduled to be executed on May 18.

Glossip’s case was featured on Flom’s Wrongful Conviction podcast in the summer of 2021. Flom also spoke to People about the case in January of last year.

Flom says:

“Richard Glossip has been obviously innocent for over 25 years. And yet the legal system has failed him again and again. He has been in the death chamber, minutes away from execution, three times…and has had his execution stayed three times. This insanity must end.

We who believe in fairness must shine a light on these stories and demand accountability. We will not stand by while yet another innocent man faces execution in the only Western country that still kills its own citizens.

I’m heartened that Attorney General Drummond has called for a new trial.

Let us pray this paves the road for Richard to finally receive justice.”

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