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Texas Family Newsletter: TFP Moving the Needle

TFP President Chris Hopper Testifies In Support of SB14

Last week, TFP President Chris Hopper testified in favor of Senate Bill 14, which would Defend Our Kids from bodily mutilation and chemical castration in the name of gender ideology.

Hopper testified alongside dozens of concerned parents in favor of this bill, and is at the Capitol today (March 23rd) testifying in favor of Senate Bill 12, which Defends Our Kids from obscene drag shows.

You can see Chris’ full testimony on SB14 below:



TFP and DOKTX Activists Defend Kids, Earns 7th Victory

We called on you, and you delivered.

When Defend Our Kids Texas Executive Director Sara Gonzales sent out an action alert last week asking the Pro-Family Cavalry to call and post about an upcoming “kid friendly” drag show in Dallas, you showed out in force!

We are proud to announce that not only were children not allowed to attend the planned drag show at On Rotation Brewery in Dallas, but the brewery decided to cancel the show all together.

Pressure: this is how we win. Not just in forcing businesses to do the right thing, but in forcing legislators to do the right thing.

Stay tuned for more action alerts in the future!



While the Texas Legislature is finally starting to move legislation through its chambers, several states throughout the country have already taken steps to pass Pro-Family laws.


Below you can see find an update on the status of bills that protecting children from brutal chemical castration and body mutilation in the name of “gender affirming care.”


Since the last time I gave you an update, North Dakota and Idaho have passed legislation through their respective House chambers.


Montana and Kansas have done the same in their Senate chambers.


Georgia, Iowa, and West Virginia have either have either sent bills to their governor’s desks or have fully passed laws that defend kids.

It should be noted that Florida and Missouri both have also taken significant steps to defend kids from the Anti-Family Left, however, not through legislation.


Hopefully Texas will be on this list soon. Today I am in Austin at our Captiol testifying in favor of a Senate bill that if passed, would finally put on the list!


Read the FULL update here

Click Here to Defend Texas Kids!

West Texas A&M University President Pulls Carpet on Student-Organized Drag Show

The rage of the LGBTQ+ hornet’s nest has been stirred up this week after a student-organized drag show planned for West Texas A&M University in Canyon city, just south of Amarillo, was canceled on Monday.

Pro-drag show students have come out in droves to protest against the decision made by the University’s President, Walter Wendler.

Notice of the decision came to students in an email composed by Wendler and addressed to the WTAMU student body, entitled “A Harmless Drag Show? No Such Thing”, in which he explains that he thinks drag shows “denigrate and demean women”, and that “being created in God’s image is the basis of the Natural law.”

Some students who oppose the decision have started a petition on to reverse it, which accrued around 4,000 signatures within the first 24 hours.


Read more on the Univerisity’s response here


Request an Event

Are you a grassroots leader? Do you attend your local party meetings? Would you like to hear more in person about our efforts to combat the Anti-Family Left?


Fill out this link to get in touch with us about hosting TFP President Chris Hopper at your club meeting!




Texas Family Project President Chris Hopper applauds Lt. Governor Dan Patrick for prioritizing pro-family legislation in the Texas State Senate.

In addition to advancing these bills, Patrick has prioritized TFP supported bills protecting children from obscene books in libraries, ending child gender modification and banning critical race theory (CRT) in higher education.

Read our full statement here.


Pro-Abortion Shenanigans in Harris County and a Historic Wrongful-Death Lawsuit 

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dobbs v. Jackson case back in summer of 2022, Harris County has been a hotspot for pro-abortion shenanigans.


Less than a week after the decision, the Harris County Commissioners court voted 3 to 2 to find ways to “promote and expand access to affordable and no-cost contraception…including access to safe abortions where possible under the law.”


Though the program does not use grants to fund abortion procedures, the language makes it clear that the abortion mafia is intent on grasping whichever straws allow them to dance around Texas law.


Read the full story here


For Texas, 


Chris Hopper

President, Texas Family Project



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