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Texans Must Take Action or Lose Health Coverage as New Medicaid Rules Start April 1st

March 22, 2023

Austin – Health care advocates are warning that millions of Texas kids and moms could be at risk of losing health insurance when the state begins rechecking Medicaid eligibility on April 1st as the pandemic-era Medicaid rules come to an end.

“We want to make sure that all Texans enrolled in Medicaid know what to do to keep getting health coverage during this confusing transition,” said Adriana Kohler, Policy Director for Texans Care for Children. “A lot of children are still going to be eligible for Medicaid health insurance, but we’re worried that many of them will be knocked off their health coverage in the chaos.”

Under the new Medicaid rules that start April 1st:

  • Texans enrolled in Medicaid for Pregnant Women will need to transition to a new health program when the state cuts off their health insurance two months after their pregnancy.

  • Kids enrolled in Children’s Medicaid will need to transition to a new program if they are no longer eligible or will need to renew their coverage if they are still eligible for Medicaid.

The new website has more information for Texans enrolled in Medicaid as well as community organizations, medical providers, and others who work with Texans enrolled in Medicaid. Texans with Medicaid insurance should start by ensuring all their information — mailing address, family size, job, etc. — is up-to-date on If you need help accessing your account, call 2-1-1, choose your language, and then select option 2. Texans who might still be eligible for Medicaid should be sure to quickly reply to the letter they receive from the state Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) about renewing their coverage.

It has been almost a full year since Texas health care groups wrote to state leaders expressing concern about the state’s plan for handling the transition to the new Medicaid rules and urging the state to get ready. The state has continued to experience significant delays in processing Medicaid applications even before the flood of Medicaid renewals begins in April.

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