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Sen. Cruz Doubles Down on Investigation to Expose the Left’s Coordinated Effort to Cancel Gas Stoves

Washington, D.C. – Ranking Member of the Commerce Committee, Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sent a series of letters this week to Biden regulators and left-wing environmental advocacy groups seeking information and preservation of documents regarding their role in the Biden administration’s recent efforts to ban gas stoves.

Here is what they are saying about Sen. Cruz’s letters:

Washington Examiner: Ted Cruz Turns Up the Heat on Anti-Gas Stoves Research Groups Tied to Biden’s Proposed Ban

On March 16th, Gabe Kaminsky with the Washington Examiner reported that Ranking Member Ted Cruz sent letters to both Consumer Reports and Climate Imperative Foundation seeking more information regarding a $375,000 payment from CIF to Consumer Reports, to “fund in part” a report that was then cited by CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka in his rulemaking efforts to ban gas stoves:

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is pressing a left-wing environmental group and a consumer advocacy organization for answers in connection to a payment totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars for anti-gas stoves research that is linked to the Biden administration’s proposed crackdown.


“As part of a $375,000 grant in 2021 earmarked for ‘gas stoves and indoor air quality,’ Climate Imperative Foundation helped fund an Oct. 4, 2022, article that linked gas stoves to childhood asthma, tax forms show. Now, Cruz is demanding answers from both CIF and Consumer Reports, the product tester that published the article and was separately cited by Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr., of the Consumer Product Safety Commission in an Oct. 25 memo that proposed a gas stoves ban, according to Thursday letters obtained by the Washington Examiner.


“‘CPSC’s blind reliance on Consumer Reports’ gas stove pieces to support potential rulemaking is troubling,’ Cruz wrote in his letters. ‘It suggests that activist organizations may be coordinating with the Biden administration to eliminate fossil fuel use without authorization from Congress.’


“In his letters, Cruz asked Consumer Reports and CIF whether any of its personnel have discussed gas stoves with the CPSC, White House, or anyone in the Biden administration. He singled out Wang Yi, who CIF has listed as an adviser and also serves in China’s legislature. From 2013 to 2022, Yi was the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, a role overseeing the country’s foreign affairs.”

Fox News: Cruz Demands Info from Stacey Abrams’ New Group on its Push to Ban Gas Stoves

On March 15th, Brianna Herlihy with FOX Business reported on Ranking Member Ted Cruz’s letters to left-wing advocacy group Rewiring America and the Rocky Mountain Institute seeking information on what role they played in the administration’s efforts to impose a de facto ban on gas stoves:

“Sen. Ted Cruz is demanding information from left-wing advocacy group Rewiring America – which just hired Stacey Abrams – and the Rocky Mountain Institute on what role they played in the administration’s efforts to impose a de facto ban on gas stoves.


“Cruz, the top Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee, sent letters to the groups on Wednesday as part of his effort to learn what reports and studies the Biden administration has used to advance potential regulations on gas stoves. Cruz noted that both groups advanced reports that the administration, specifically Department of Energy and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), have relied on in pushing for regulations of gas stoves…


“Cruz also addressed the letter to Windward Fund board chair Lee Bodnar, saying that, “there is reason to believe that Rewiring America and the Windward Fund, its Arabella Advisors-funded sponsor in coordination with other left-wing advocacy groups, are trying to achieve this goal by promoting misleading and false studies that the Biden administration can rely on in advancing regulations on gas stoves.”


On January 25th, Ranking Member Ted Cruz sent letters to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissions’ (CPSC) Chairman Hoehn-Saric and Commissioner Trumka noting that the Biden administration appears to be carrying out the radical agenda of left-wing groups like Rewiring America, the Rocky Mountain Institute, and the Climate Imperative Foundation. Some of the questions posed to CPSC concern how it vets third party research it relies upon, including whether it considers who funded the research.  


On March 16th Ranking Member Cruz sent a new letter, doubling down on his requests to CPSC Chairman Hoehn-Saric and Commissioner Trumka as their responses to his January 25th letter provided wholly insufficient responses.

Daily Caller: Ted Cruz Presses Biden Regulators To Preserve All Records On Potential Gas Stove Ban

On March 16th, James Lynch with Daily Caller reported on Ranking Member Ted Cruz’s response to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissions’ (CPSC) Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric and Commissioner Richard L. Trumka Jr. doubling down on Biden regulators for their incomplete response to on CPSC’s efforts to decide if Americans get to keep their gas stoves.


“Sen. Cruz, Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce Committee, is sending a letter Wednesday to CPSC Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric and CPSC Commissioner Richard L. Trumka Jr. demanding they preserve records of his previous request for information, an internal memorandum circulated by Trumka about banning gas stoves and any records about potential or proposed gas stove regulation.


“‘Rather than answering the majority of my specific and detailed questions, your letter provided a rambling—and generally unresponsive—narrative regarding CPSC’s ongoing efforts to decide if Americans get to keep their gas stoves. Furthermore, your letter dismissed many of my questions and failed to provide most of the requested documents on this topic. As a Senate-confirmed CPSC commissioner, you have a duty to be responsive and transparent to Congress and the American people. I urge you to recognize those obligations,’ Cruz wrote.


“Furthermore, in your next letter, please confirm that CPSC is preserving all records related to the gas stove RFI, your internal memorandum titled ‘NPR Proposing Ban on Gas Stoves (Indoor Air Quality),” and any pending or proposed regulatory actions related to gas stoves,’ he continued.”

See list of letters Ranking Member Cruz sent this week:

  • Read full letter sent on March 15th to Rocky Mountain Institute HERE
  • Read full letter sent on March 15th to Rewiring America HERE
  • Full letter sent on March 15th to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Commissioner Richard L. Trumka, Jr. HERE
  • Full letter sent on March 15th to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric Saric HERE
  • Full letter sent on March 16th to Climate Imperative Foundation HERE
  • full letter sent on March 16th to Consumer Reports HERE

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