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Representative Slaton Files HB 4129, Banning Drag Shows in the Presence of Minors

AUSTIN – Today, Representative Bryan Slaton filed HB 4129, which would ban erotic performances, including sexualized drag shows, in the presence of minors. Last year, in response to a wave of highly inappropriate drag shows and other erotic performances,[1] Rep. Slaton promised to file legislation banning these performances in the presence of children.

Representative Slaton said: “In the wake of these erotic drag performances sweeping our state, I committed last year to filing legislation that would stop this disgusting practice in the presence of children. Sexualized performances where grown adults are dancing provocatively and stuffing money in their exposed underwear are no place for minors. The State has a strong interest and a duty to protect children from being sexually exploited, and HB 4129 is the most comprehensive bill filed this session to stop the sexualization of our kids by these performances.”

The States have a compelling interest in protecting children, particularly from sexual exploitation.[2] HB 4129 would make these performances a 3rd-degree felony if they occur in the presence of a minor. The bill also makes it a 3rd-degree felony for a sexually-oriented business to allow an erotic performance in the presence of a child, with the first offense resulting in a $10,000 fine, and the second offense resulting in license revocation for the business. Any domestic or foreign for-profit or non-profit entity classified as a sexually-oriented business may not allow minors on the premise.

Rep. Slaton continued further, saying “This is not a partisan issue. People on both sides of the aisle recognize and believe that children should not be sexually exploited. If adults want to watch or engage in these performances in front of other adults, that’s not affected by this bill. But erotic performances are no place for young children, and it must be stopped. I look forward to working with my colleagues to pass this extremely important legislation into law.”








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  1. Madison Norris on March 12, 2023 at 9:51 am

    Don’t you think the more efficient way to go about this is to ban minors from attending? Instead your banning drag shows from performing in front of minors like it is their fault. Are strippers banned from performing in front of minors or are minors banned from attending? Also, not sure what drag shows you’ve been attending, but they are more empowering than sexualized. And yes, let’s “protect” our children from drag queens, but not do a damn thing to fix Child Protective Services or gun laws. Great idea.

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