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The Post: A TPS Report

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This is “TPS Week” when TPPF hosts its annual conference Texas Policy Summit. As I’ve said previously, this legislative session feels like it’s shaping up to be historic and the buzz around the conference supports that.

Governor Greg Abbott has already invigorated conference goers with his unequivocal, unapologetic support for getting school choice done this year. He also restated his intent to deliver on not only the “largest property tax cut in state history” but also ensuring Texas implements lasting relief. A big tax cut won’t mean much if we’re back where we started a few short years from now.

Surprising to some, Speaker Dade Phelan focused much of his speech on health care. He made a convincing case that conservatives shouldn’t cede the issue to liberals and Texas Republicans haven’t. They made major progress in the last legislative session on free market reforms that lower costs and increase options for patients and are set to improve on those successes this year, starting with price transparency.

As of this writing, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has yet to speak but I can assume he’ll deliver his customary toned-down, lukewarm pitch for conservative policy reforms. (Kidding!) The LG has been fired up and ready all session to cut taxes, empower parents, and protect kids on his side of the Capitol. He won’t be out done by the House.

If you missed the Texas Policy Summit, don’t worry. We will have all the speeches and sessions online shortly.


Brian Phillips

Chief Communications Officer

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The Layout | HB 1391 & HB 1859 with  Rep. Matt Schaefer

TPPF’s Brian Phillips and Texas State Representative Matt Schaefer discuss HB 1391 and HB 1859, which aim to provide new training and education and training opportunities for future electricians, wiremen and HVAC technicians.

The Layout | SB 1039 with Senator Paul Bettencourt

TPPF’s James Quintero and Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt discuss SB 1039, would give recourse to election judges, candidates, county chairs of political parties, state chairs of political parties, presiding judges, alternative presiding judges, and the heads of some political action committees who suspect “election irregularities.”

The Layout | HB 2258 with Representative Briscoe Cain

TPPF’s James Quintero and Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain discuss HB 2258, which takes aim at local government over-spending.

Layout HB 1738

TPPF’s Brian Phillips and Texas State Representative Jeff Leach discuss HB 1738, which would eliminate severance pay for public officials guilty of misconduct.

The Layout | Senate Bill 625 and House Bill 1686 with Sen. Donna Campbell and Rep. Tom Oliverson

TPPF’s Andrew Brown, Senator Donna Campbell, and Representative Tom Oliverson discuss Senate Bill 625 and House Bill 1686, which aim to prohibit the performance of certain medical interventions intended to alter a child’s physical characteristics to align with their perceived gender identity.

Hard Country Episode 3

TPPF’s Joshua Treviño and Melissa Ford discuss the current state of Mexico’s leadership, whether or not it is a narco-state, and what Texas and the United States’ response might be.

The Post The Right Idea Episode 7

Brian and Derek discuss a wide range of current events including Governor Abbott’s Emergency Items, Biden’s re-reversal of the nation’s asylum rule, Texas election oversight, public safety, and the recent rise in crime.


MAR 1-3 — AUSTIN Texas Policy Summit 2023 RSVP


MAR 2 — AMARILLO Parent Empowerment Night w/ Gov. Greg Abbott RSVP

The Postscript

Songs About Texas

I thought of maybe stoking controversy and calling this the “5 Best Songs About Texas” but, ultimately, even I fought with myself over the list. So here are – at least – a diverse collection of favorites.

SRV performs his take on a classic and it doesn’t miss. Pure blues, pure brilliance.
Exactly 20 years before the Notorious B.I.G. released “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” Waylon was first lamenting about how success drives you from you friends, family, and the simpler things in life. Maybe it’s time we all got back to the basics of love.
Josh’s nostalgic road trip across Texas is a must-listen for California refugees and native Texans alike. If you haven’t checked at least half off your list, then you ain’t met my Texas yet.
Too many options from The King, but this catchy tune takes its own, um, interesting trip around the state. A couple times through and you’ll know all the words.

REK is top five Texas storyteller, and this is a quintessential tale of bad boy brothers too committed to the good times. The chorus tell you everything you need to know.

Brian Phillips

Chief Communications Officer


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