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WorKampers lend a helping hand at NTCC

Workampers hard at work on campus

Did you know that NTCC currently has 15 WorKampers from all over the country who live on campus and help out with important tasks that impact the entire college?

NTCC’s unique WorKamping Program allows full-time RVers an opportunity to exchange work for rent at a small RV park located on the NTCC campus (near the rodeo arena). Retirees can share their considerable experience and talents to help with projects like landscaping, painting, farming, electrical, plumbing, and computer support. While WorKampers are only expected to volunteer 15 hours per week, many end up working much more as they become invested in projects.

Tom Ramler, NTCC’s Director of Plant Services and founder of NTCC’s WorKamper program, recently released the following list of projects they have completed this semester:

  • Removed over two roll-off containers of rubbish from the former PFA
  • Removed and replaced pickleball wind screens
  • Installed water line to horse barn
  • Dug rainwater diversion trench along road to PS
  • Built shelving in PS shop and organized equipment
  • Painted baseball bathrooms
  • Remodeled cosmetology work room
  • Renovated exterior of Soils Lab
  • Installed electric for electric car charging at Rodeo as well as electrical for two additional rodeo trailers
  • Extensive weekend livestock duties at AG
  • Planted and repeatedly watered over 1000 tulips at SUB & HS
  • Water line repair at AG well
  • Small tasks which are far too many to mention

“I can’t express how grateful we are for the work these folks do for the college. They bring with them such a range of expertise, enthusiasm and a heart for service. There are many major projects around campus that would not be completed today if not for WorKampers,” Ramler said.

To learn more about the WorKamper program, contact Ramler at 903-434-8175 or


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