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Air Force relieves 2 commanders, 4 leaders at North Dakota nuclear bomber, missile base

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27 February 2023
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Air Force relieves 2 commanders, 4 leaders at North Dakota nuclear bomber, missile base | 27 Feb 2023 | The Air Force has relieved six leaders assigned to a North Dakota base in charge of nuclear missiles and bombers over a loss of confidence, the military branch said Monday. Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara, commander of 8th Air Force, relieved Col. Gregory Mayer of the 5th Mission Support Group and Maj. Jonathan Welch of the 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron, both based at Minot Air Force Base. The Air Force didn’t identify the commanders, but an Air Force spokesperson confirmed their identities to Task & Purpose. Mayer, Welch and four subordinate leaders were relieved of command “due to a loss of confidence in their ability to complete their assigned duties,” the Air Force said. The Air Force did not specify why commanders had lost confidence in all six individuals.
Chinese military put on ‘high alert’ | 27 Feb 2023 | A U.S. warplane’s recent flight through the Taiwan Strait is a threat to the stability of the region, a Chinese army spokesman stated, as cited by China Daily on Monday. The P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine patrol and reconnaissance aircraft flew through the strait separating mainland China and the self-governed island of Taiwan on Monday. A Chinese Su-27 took off and monitored the American spy plane along its path. Senior Colonel Shi Yi, a spokesman for the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) Eastern Theater Command, said this maneuver “deliberately damaged the regional situation and jeopardized peace and stability” in the region. He added that the Chinese military was “on high alert to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The US forces in the region acknowledged the maneuver. “The United States will continue to fly, sail, and operate anywhere international law allows including within the Taiwan Strait,” the 7th Fleet Command said in a statement.
EU nation backs Chinese peace plan | 27 Feb 2023 | Hungary’s government supports Beijing’s peace plan for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told parliament on Monday. The 12-point plan released by China last week calls for resuming peace talks and respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations while condemning unilateral sanctions. “We also consider China’s peace plan important and support it,” Orban told the lawmakers. In his half-hour-long speech, Orban insisted that the ongoing conflict was “bad for Ukrainians, Russians, Hungarians, Europe, and it is becoming increasingly clear [that] it is bad for the whole world.” The prime minister then maintained that Budapest should stay out of the conflict, as was decided through a “national consultation.” The prime minister also criticized some opposition parties for being seemingly overzealous in their support for Kiev to the point where they barely “differentiated” between Ukraine and Hungary, but said that he agreed there should be a country between Russia and Hungary.
East Palestine Train Disaster Killed More Than 43,000 Aquatic Animals, Ohio Agency Says | 24 Feb 2023 | The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) estimates more than 43,000 fish and other aquatic animals have died as a result of the train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, earlier this month. ODNR director Mary Mertz announced Thursday that roughly 38,222 minnows and about 5,550 other aquatic animals — such as small fish, crayfish, amphibians, and macroinvertebrates — were killed in the 5-mile span of waterway from the derailment site… The ODNR director added that the agency is currently waiting for test results on non-aquatic animals, which include birds and opossum.  
Gov. DeWine suffers leg injury in East Palestine | 27 Feb 2023 | Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R – Great Reset) suffered a leg injury in East Palestine Tuesday. His office confirmed with Fox 8 Monday morning Columbus Dispatch reports that an injury above his left ankle will require him to wear a boot for the next few weeks. The injury happened on the stairs at the First Church of Christ in East Palestine. He was in the village with state and federal officials in the aftermath of the Feb. 3 train derailment.  
Norfolk Southern Train Derails in North Carolina | 25 Feb 2023 | A Norfolk Southern train derailed in North Carolina on Saturday morning, following a high-profile crash in Ohio earlier this month. The Saturday derailment, in Lexington, North Carolina, occurred on a 132-car freight train. Only one of those cars derailed, Norfolk Southern said, and as of Saturday afternoon there were no reports of a hazardous materials situation. A Norfolk Southern spokesperson told The Daily Beast that the incident occurred when “literally one set of wheels” on a car derailed, and that the car, as a whole, had not left the track. As of Saturday afternoon, the contents of the train’s cargo had not been disclosed.

Elon Musk Accuses Fauci of Using Pass-Through Organization to Fund Gain-Of-Function Research | 26 Feb 2023 | Elon Musk accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan, China, lab from which COVID-19 is believed to have originated. Musk said Fauci funded gain-of-function research “via a pass-through organization (EcoHealth)” on Twitter Sunday. Musk’s fiery accusation came in response to a tweet that aggregated the multiple occurrences where Fauci denied any gain-of-function research and counter-signaled the idea that COVID-19 originated from a 2019 Wuhan lab leak. “Dr. Anthony Fauci funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab, lied to Congress about it, and now both the FBI & the Department of Energy have concluded that the coronavirus originated at the Wuhan lab. Does that mean Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the development of COVID-19?” the video’s caption reads.

Protection From New COVID-19 Vaccines Drops Sharply Within Months – CDC | 24 Feb 2023 | The new COVID-19 vaccines provide a boost to protection against hospitalization but that shielding wanes within months, according to unpublished data presented on Feb. 24. A bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster increased protection against hospitalization initially by 52 percent, but that protection dropped to 36 percent beyond 59 days, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers said. The researchers separately looked at the protection people who had received two or more monovalent doses, or doses of the original vaccines, and no bivalent booster. They found that people aged 18 to 64 had just 19 percent protection against COVID-19 associated hospitalization and those aged 65 and older had just 28 percent protection. That means the protection after two months was around 60 percent in total for the elderly and goes below 50 percent for all other adults.  
Employee complaint alleges that Florida doctor said unvaccinated hospital staff should be taken ‘to the firing line’ | 22 Feb 2023 | Employees at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Sarasota, Florida, are alleging threatening and abusive behaviors by senior physicians, even claiming that there are safety risks due to staff being overworked. The Florida Standard spoke to hospital employees who wish to remain anonymous, but provided copies of their complaints to hospital administrators. A complaint against Dr. Daniel B. Case was provided in which the employee alleges the doctor made disparaging remarks about people who are unvaccinated. The letter says the employee was whether the employee would get vaccinated, to which the employee replied “no,” adding, “because that’s my freedom of choice.” In response, Dr. Case allegedly said, “You guys are the reason why people are dying and why COVID is spreading.” Additionally, the complaint claims the doctor also said, “When you guys get fired, then we’ll all have a party and Darwinism will do its work” and, perhaps most egregiously, “They should take you guys to the firing line.”
Flashback: Egg production and poultry price drivers – bird flu, pests, and fires | 8 June 2022 | Here is a list of poultry flock and egg production facilities destruction since March 2022… Excerpted from a list of 96 food production/storage facilities which have been destroyed damaged or impacted by “accidental fires” or disease or general causes. (List.)
Apple iPhone’s Clean Energy Charging causes stir on social media over battery charging times, ‘shaming’ | 26 Feb 2023 | Apple iPhone users were stirred up on Sunday as they became aware of a somewhat new feature intended to reduce the carbon footprint by charging only when lower carbon-emission electricity is available. Apple introduced Clean Energy Charging with the release of iOS 16.1 on Oct. 24, 2022. The company claims that when the mode is enabled and a phone is connected to a charger, the iPhone gets a report of carbon emissions generated by the local energy grid and uses that information to determine when to charge the phone. One Twitter user raised the red flag to other users that if they notice their iPhone was charging a little slower, it could be because of Clean Energy Charging. 
1950s James Bond Books Being Rewritten to Remove ‘Racially Insensitive’ Words | 26 Feb 2023 | An upcoming reprinting of Ian Fleming’s 1950s James Bond books will contain rewritten passages to remove “racially insensitive” words and stereotypes. The announcement comes on the heels of outrage over news that Roald Dahl’s books will be edited to be more “inclusive.” The new prints of the books will also contain the disclaimer, “this book was written at a time when terms and attitudes which might be considered offensive by modern readers were commonplace. A number of updates have been made in this edition, while keeping as close as possible to the original text and the period in which it is set,” the disclaimer adds. Before his death, the author agreed to allow U.S. publishers to tone down racial references in Live and Let Die.
Valerie Jarrett Reveals Obama Had Trayvon Martin Question Planted With Reporter at ‘If I Had a Son’ Press Conference | 25 Feb 2023 | Close Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett said in a video released Sunday to mark the 11th anniversary of the shooting death of Black Florida teen Trayvon Martin (as he pounded George Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk) that then President Barack Obama told her to plant a question about Trayvon with a reporter at a Rose Garden event announcing the nomination of Jim Yong Kim for World Bank President held on March 23, 2012. Video and transcript of the event shows that only one question was asked at the event, and it was about Trayvon Martin. Video by Valerie Jarrett on the tenth anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin where she mentions Obama wanting the Trayvon question planted with a reporter.
Michigan honor student, 17, shot dead by 14 and 13-year-olds in attempted carjacking after he offered them a ride during subzero temperatures – juveniles will be tried as adults –Chimner was charged Friday with felony murder, carjacking and two weapons-related violations, according to Fox 17. | 25 Feb 2023 | A 17-year-old honor student was killed by a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old after he offered the suspects a ride home from a birthday party. Jack Snyder was found lying next to his car at about 12:10am of January 17 in Battle Creek, Michigan, after he was shot during an attempted carjacking, according to police. EMTs and medical personal tried to revive the teen in subzero temperatures, but Snyder was declared dead at the scene. Justice Chimner, the 14-year-old boy, was arrested, while the 13-year-old turned himself in in connection with the killing. Police recovered a gun at the scene of the crime but could not say which boy had fired the weapon. Battle Creek Police Sergeant Jeff Case said in a press conference earlier this week that Snyder’s desire to help led to his death.
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