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New Survey: 43% have had their information compromised on public Wi-Fi

With so many people using public Wi-Fi to stay connected on the go and work remotely, it’s important that Americans keep their data safe from cyberattacks while using unsecure networks. In fact, Forbes Advisor found that 34% use public Wi-Fi now more than they did prior to the pandemic.


That’s why Forbes Advisor surveyed 2,000 Americans who regularly use public Wi-Fi to understand the risks they’ve experienced while using public networks, where they connect to public Wi-Fi the most, and what they do while on unsecure public networks.


The new study from Forbes Advisor revealed that 43% of people who use public Wi-Fi have had their security compromised. Despite only 23% of people believing it’s safe, 51% still connect to public Wi-Fi more than 5 times a month.


See our full report, including the methodology and infographics, here:


 Highlights from our report:

  • The majority of public Wi-Fi cyber attacks happen at restaurants and airports.

  • On average, Americans connect to public Wi-Fi at least five times a month.

  • Regardless of the risk, 20% use public Wi-Fi to make financial transactions.

  • 23% of people use public Wi-Fi to cut down on cellular data usage.

  • The most common place people use public Wi-Fi is at restaurants or hotels.

  • The majority of people use Wi-Fi to access social media (29%) or as a last resort when they don’t have a cellular connection (32%).

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