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Plan to send U.S. contractors to Ukraine revealed

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4 February 2023
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Plan to send U.S. contractors to Ukraine revealed –A private project is seeking to hire 100 to 200 professionals to help Ukrainians with repairs on the battlefield | 3 Feb 2023 | Former U.S. military officers and private entities are raising m-ney to send Western maintenance personnel close to the frontlines in Ukraine, Politico reported on Thursday. According to the news website, the project, dubbed Trident Support and scheduled to launch in March, will involve the recruitment of 100 to 200 experienced contractors, who would be deployed on the ground in Ukraine. They are then supposed to “embed themselves with small units near the front lines” and teach Ukrainian troops to repair their equipment without the need to send it out of the country, the report says, noting that all major maintenance of Western-supplied arms currently takes place in Poland and other NATO countries.
American Volunteer, Former U.S. Marine Killed in Ukraine | 3 Feb 2023 | American volunteer and former U.S. Marine Pete Reed was killed in Eastern Ukraine on Thursday, according to his family. Reed was working for Global Outreach Doctors in the city of Bakhmut, where his ambulance was struck by incoming Russian fire, relatives said. Global Outreach Doctors listed Reed as the “Ukraine Country Director” on the organization’s website. A decorated Marine, Reed served two tours in Afghanistan before leading a medical team for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces as they liberated Mosul, Iraq from ISIS [I-CIA-SIS].
Insane in the membrane: Longer-range rockets included in $2 bln U.S. pledge for Ukraine | 3 Feb 2023 | A new rocket that would double Ukraine’s strike range in its war with Russia was included in a 2.175 billion U.S. military aid package, the Pentagon said on Friday. The new weapon, the Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB), will allow Ukraine’s military to hit targets at twice the distance reachable by the rockets it now fires from the U.S.-supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)… “As part of the USAI package, we will be providing Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb to Ukraine,” Brigadier General Patrick Ryder told a news briefing at the Pentagon. USAI stands for Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).
Moscow provides more evidence of U.S. biolabs in Ukraine —Kiev’s troops were among the test subjects for Pentagon-funded research, the Russian MOD says | 30 Jan 2023 | Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday laid out more evidence that U.S.-funded laboratories were working in Ukraine. Documents and materials recovered by Russian troops showed that Western pharmaceutical companies operating in territory under Kiev’s control conducted HIV/AIDS research on Ukrainian military personnel. The commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, presented Ukrainian-language documents referring to HIV infection studies that began in 2019… According to Kirillov, the Russian military has recovered more than 20,000 documents and other materials related to the biological programs in Ukraine, while interviewing eyewitnesses and participants. The evidence “confirms the focus of the Pentagon on creating biological weapons components and testing them on the population of Ukraine and other states along [Russia’s] borders,” the general told reporters.
Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America | 3 Feb 2023 | The U.S. government says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America. “We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America,” Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesperson, told Fox News Friday night. “We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon.” Ryder said during a briefing Thursday the U.S. government detected a high-altitude surveillance balloon over the continental U.S. A senior defense official said during the briefing the U.S. government is “confident” the surveillance balloon is from the People’s Republic of China.
Pentagon Tracking Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Over Northern U.S. | 2 Feb 2023 | The U.S. military is currently tracking a suspected Chinese spy balloon over Montana, according to a senior Pentagon official. “The United States Government has detected and is tracking a high altitude surveillance balloon that is over the continental United States right now,” said Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder in a Feb. 2 statement. A senior defense official told reporters the Pentagon has a “very high confidence” that the balloon comes from China… A senior defense official said that Pentagon leadership including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin convened a meeting to determine whether or not the balloon should be shot down, but ultimately decided against that course of action “due to the risk to safety and security of people on the ground from the possible debris field.
Montana Sen. Daines ‘alarmed’ at Chinese spy balloon, says ‘significant concern’ that ICBM fields targeted | 2 Feb 2023 | Montana Senator Steve Daines (R) sent a letter to the Department of Defense (DOD) demanding answers on the suspected Chinese spy balloon spotted above his state. Daines sent a late letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Thursday amid reports of the suspected surveillance balloon over U.S. airspace. The Montana Republican called the high-altitude Chinese balloon a “concerning event” and told Austin that the “fact that this balloon was occupying Montana airspace creates significant concern that Malmstrom Air Force Base (AFB) and the United State’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) fields are the targets of this intelligence gathering mission.
Bills in Brazil provide for up to eight years in prison for those who refuse mandatory vaccines, spread ‘fake news’ | 29 Jan 2023 | Six bills in the Brazilian Congress criminalize everything from cutting in line to receive a vaccine to people who spread “fake news” about how vaccines work. Authored by Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD), PL 5555/2020 foresees the inclusion in the Criminal Code of imprisonment for one to three years for people who omit or oppose the mandatory vaccination of children or adolescents in a “public health emergency.” The project also criminalizes, with a penalty of two to eight years in prison, people who refuse to take the mandatory doses of vaccines. The same punishment also applies to those who spread “false news” about the vaccines or how they work. If the individual is a public employee, the penalty is doubled.

Biden tells Congress he’ll end COVID-19 emergencies on May 11 –House Republican plan to vote on resolutions this week that would end COVID-19 emergency declarations immediately | 30 Jan 2023 | Joe Biden told Congress on Monday that his administration will end twin emergencies related to the COVID-19 pandemic on May 11, 2023, more than three years after they were enacted. The COVID-19 national emergency is set to expire on March 1, while the public health emergency (PHE) will expire on April 11. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) wrote in a Statement of Administration Policy that Biden will extend both emergencies to May 11, at which point they will expire. The statement came in response to two resolutions being brought to the House floor by Republicans this week that call for an immediate end to the emergencies… Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., who introduced a bill with 51 co-sponsors to end the emergency immediately, said the House will go ahead with the vote on Wednesday. There is no reason to wait. There is no reason to trust the Biden Regime, Gosar tweeted.

Facebook, Instagram Threaten to Restrict or Ban Project Veritas | 3 Feb 2023 | Facebook and Instagram have threatened to restrict or ban Project Veritas from their platforms, both owned by Meta, after a journalist confronted a senior YouTube official about the removal of a video about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines. On Friday, the nonprofit journalism organization Project Veritas published footage that appears to show one of its reporters confronting YouTube’s vice president of Global Trust and Safety, Matt Halprin. The video shows the reporter approaching Halprin in public regarding YouTube’s removal of a video featuring a senior Pfizer official, unaware he was being recorded, discussing how the company is considering mutating the COVID-19 virus to develop new vaccines proactively. Halprin refused to answer the reporter’s inquiries and instead told the reporter not to touch him while also threatening to call the police, before walking away.
Senior Pfizer Employee Says Company Exploring Mutating COVID-19 to ‘Preemptively Develop New Vaccines’ | 28 Jan 2023 | A senior employee at Pfizer said in a conversation captured by the nonprofit journalism group Project Veritas that the pharmaceutical company is looking into mutating COVID-19 in order to facilitate the development of new vaccines. “One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it ourselves so we could create–preemptively develop new vaccines, right?” Dr. Jordon Walker, a director of research and development at Pfizer, told an undercover reporter for Project Veritas. “If we’re going to do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine–no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating [expletive] viruses,” Walker added. Video footage of the comments was released on Jan. 25.
COVID Vaccine Package Labels ‘Severely Outdated:’ Coalition of Health Experts Petition FDA to Update | 3 Feb 2023 | A health expert coalition published a citizen petition on Jan. 31 requesting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to update COVID-19 vaccine package labels with the most recent data on safety and efficacy. In the filed petition, coalition members argued that the labels are outdated; recent safety and efficacy clinical data have not been included, and adverse events such as sudden cardiac deaths and pulmonary embolisms should also be added. Represented by professor Linda Wastila from the University of Maryland, the nine members of the Coalition Advocating for Adequately Labeled Medicines (CAALM) petitioned on Jan. 31, 2023, for 10 amendments to messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine labels.
MIT Expert Calls for Immediate Stop of mRNA COVID Jabs – Evidence Shows ‘Unprecedented Level of Harm’ | 1 Feb 2023 | The rollout of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines should be immediately suspended, as they are causing “an unprecedented level of harm, including the death of young people and children,” said Retsef Levi, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “This is not a theory anymore,” the professor told The Epoch Times, referring to findings that link the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines with myocarditis, a potentially fatal inflammation of the heart. “These are proven facts that basically undermine any sense of safety about these vaccines.” For more than 30 years, Levi has worked extensively in the areas of analytics and modeling, looking at risk management issues in the context of health systems and health policies.
Biden’s Reported New Chief of Staff, Jeff Zients, Linked to Allegations of Fraud and Questionable Business Practices | 23 Jan 2023 | Jeffrey Zients, who is reportedly slated to become President [sic] Joe Biden’s next chief of staff, has a long history of allegedly accumulating wealth via questionable business practices and helping guide federal healthcare policy. Zients most recently served in the Biden White House from his inauguration until April of 2022 as Coronavirus Response Coordinator. Prior to that, Zients was involved in the leadership of several healthcare companies that were forced to pay millions of dollars in fines for alleged Medicare and Medicaid fraud, as first reported by the American Prospect… In 2015, Portfolio Logic — an investment firm founded by Zients that had an ownership stake in PSA Healthcare — was forced to pay 6.88 million by the Justice Department (DOJ) for defrauding Medicare and Medicaid and violating state regulations for payment claims.
Hunter Biden Admits Infamous Laptop Belongs to Him –Calls for criminal probe into attempts to ‘weaponize’ contents | 2 Feb 2023 | A lawyer for Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, urged state and federal agencies in a letter on Feb. 1 to probe what he said were attempts by close allies of former President Donald Trump and others to “weaponize” the contents of a laptop that an electronics repair shop owner says was dropped off at his Delaware store in 2019. The letters from Hunter Biden’s attorneys mark the first time he and his legal team have publicly acknowledged that it was his personal data found on the laptop. The letters were sent by Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell to the Delaware attorney general, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They call for an investigation into former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, campaign lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as well as Giuliani’s own lawyer, Robert Costello, and the owner of the Wilmington computer repair shop, John Paul Mac Isaac, who said Hunter Biden dropped a laptop off at his store in April 2019 and failed to return to pick it up.
House Judiciary GOP subpoena FBI’s Christopher Wray, AG Merrick Garland | 3 Feb 2023 | The House Judiciary Committee has issued subpoenas to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, demanding they provide the committee with documents pertaining to FVI investigations of school board meetings. In October of 2021, Garland issued a memo highlighting “violent threats” against school officials amid a rise in parental opposition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools. That memo, directing law enforcement to address the issue, attracted considerable scrutiny from conservatives who categorized it as part of the Biden administration’s alleged “weaponization” of federal agencies. The subpoena, which the Epoch Times reviewed, marks one of the first salvos by House Republicans against the administration as part of the bevy of investigations they have initiated against it.
AZ Senate Rocked By New Claims of Election Violations, Private Meeting Held as Lake’s Appeal Heats Up | 2 Feb 2023 | On Wednesday, the Arizona Court of Appeals held a private meeting regarding Arizona Republican Kari Lake’s election challenge as they prepare to hear strong allegations of election failures, specifically in Maricopa County. The appeals court’s meeting was about Lake’s appeal of a Maricopa County Superior Court decision from December, which rejected her election lawsuit against county election officials and Governor [sic] Katie Hobbs. Lake claimed that several irregularities in the 2022 gubernatorial election, including problems with voting machines at 60% of the county’s 115 voting centers, suppressed the Republican Election Day vote. Two days after Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes referred Lake’s case for criminal prosecution to Attorney General Kris Mayes over a tweet regarding the improper counting of ballots with mismatched signatures in Senate testimony, the court reviewed the case.
NJ Republican Lawmaker Killed in Apparent ‘Targeted’ Attack | 2 Feb 2023 | A Republican member of a New Jersey borough council was shot and killed Wednesday night near her residence. Council member Eunice Dwumfour of Sayreville, New Jersey, was found shot multiple times in her vehicle just outside of the apartment complex where she lived, according to WABC-TV. Police said that the vehicle crashed after Dwumfour was shot. She was pronounced dead at the scene… Police said she was the target of an attack, WABC reported. Community organizer Charlie Kratovil called her killing a “targeted” attack.
SFPD may resubmit proposal for ‘killer robots’ after policy was blocked, reigniting debate | 2 Feb 2023 | Robots with the ability to use deadly force may be back on the agenda in San Francisco. There was an uproar over the idea just a few months ago that got national attention. SFPD drafted a policy to allow lethally armed robots to be used in “extreme” cases where violent suspects pose an immediate risk to life. Initially, the robots were approved but the Board of Supervisors ended up blocking the policy. During Wednesday night’s police commission meeting, the idea was floated again.
Memphis fires sixth police officer in connection with death of Tyre Nichols | 3 Feb 2023 | Memphis has fired a sixth police officer in connection with the death of Tyre Nichols. The decision to terminate Preston Hemphill stemmed from an internal investigation that ultimately found he violated multiple department policies during Nichols’s arrest, the Associated Press reported. The Department relieved Hemphill of duty in January in the wake of Nichols’s death. Five black officers have already been fired and face second-degree murder charges over the incident. Hemphill, who is white, broke department rules when deploying a stun gun, the investigation found. Authorities later determined that had committed personal conduct violations, per the AP.
Polar vortex to produce otherworldly RealFeel temp | 3 Feb 2023 | The polar vortex will cause temperatures to tumble to their lowest levels in years across New England late this week. The harsh cold, when paired with strong winds, could cause frostbite in minutes, and one remote location will face weather conditions so extreme that it will feel otherworldly. The heart of the cold weather is forecast to unfold across New England through Saturday morning with subzero temperatures expected across a widespread area. Boston is forecast to experience one of its top-five lowest temperatures in recorded history on Saturday morning with the mercury predicted to reach 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. But the extreme nature of the upcoming Arctic blast will be unparalleled at the summit of Mount Washington, the tallest mountain in the northeastern United States. The AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature plummeted to 111 degrees below zero at 11 p.m. EST Friday with an actual temperature of 45 degrees below zero and wind gusts close to 100 mph.
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