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Interview with Alec Cabacungun, face of Shriners Hospitals

By Elwyn Henderson

Elwyn Henderson and Alec Cabacungun in Las Vegas.

    While in Las Vegas to cover the East-West Shrine Game at Allegiant Stadium on Wednesday, February 1st, we ran into Alec Cabacungun, the TV face of the Shriners Hospitals for several years and had a chance to visit with him.

     We began by asking him how he became the face of Shriners Hospitals across the USA.

     “I started as a patient at Shriners Chicago when I was two months old and about 7 or 8 years ago they asked my family and me to participate in a couple of fund raising spots.  We did that; we filmed one and then we filmed another one and then we didn’t stop.  I’m just glad that I can help out.”

     We then wanted to know what it meant to him to be able to do what the does for the Shriners.  

     “It’s an honor because I’m 20 now and I’ve part of the healthcare system since I was two months old.  They’ve been with me throughout my entire life and I understand what they’ve done for me and I hope that they can continue to do what they did for me for other kids.  It really makes me happy and it’s a rewarding feeling to know that I’m a part of the team that’s helping Shriners help more kids.  That means the world to me.”

     “It’s really cool for sure, but I’m just glad I can help the hospital as I can.  What would you do to help those who helped your throughout your life?  That’s what Shriners is to me and if I can help them with anything then I’ll do that.”

     We asked Alec how much he traveled for the Shriners, and he responded, “When I was younger and when I was in high school I traveled a lot more, but now that I’m at Northwestern University I’m not traveling was much. I was fortunate to be able to get some time away from my professors and from the cold and I’m happy to be able to help out this week.”

     We concluded our short visit asking Alec what he was majoring in.

     “I’m majoring in journalism at the Medill School of Journalism.  It’s extremely fun and a lot of hard work.  It was my dream school in high school and I’m happy at Northwestern.  There’s a lot of work to be done on campus but I’m happy with where I’m at at Medill.”

     Being able to talk with Alec was very inspirational.  He is an extremely intelligent young man with a bright future in front of him and I felt very honored to be able to interview him and find out more about his life.



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