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By James A. Marples
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I read several news several reports about a Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) reconnaissance hot air balloon spotted flying in U.S. airspace above the State of Montana– and later, the State of Kansas.  I think most Americans would agree that the act of invading American airspace is a grave transgression, especially since it is near an Air Force Base.
The White House says it has delayed the decision on bringing the unmanned balloon down, due to possible damage to people or property.  While collateral damage needs to be ascertained, I think most Americans would accept the risk of an object similar in size to three buses, falling to earth and doing damage. Foreign military spy balloons are nothing new.  Back in 1890, a military balloon from Moravia, Austria (now in the Czech Republic) was launched by their military to spy on neighboring countries.
America’s national security hinges on brave men and women in our military troops, but it also hinges on American civilians who are brave-enough to accept risks in order to remove that Chinese spy balloon from our skies. If possible, the data-collection equipment should be retrieved by American officials to try to learn what data was collected. Patriotism calls for it. Common sense requires it.  Action is obviously required.

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