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TDLR issues Stop-Sale Order against Houston gas station for selling bad diesel fuel

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has issued a Stop-Sale Order against Tristar Convenience Stores Inc., DBA Handi Stop #108, at 3013 Collingsworth St., in Houston. Under the Stop Order, the Handi Stop must immediately stop selling diesel fuel from any of its devices.

TDLR received two consumer complaints about the quality of fuel they received at the Handi Stop, and the agency initiated an investigation that found the Handi Stop is selling diesel fuel that does not meet the minimum quality standards for diesel fuel.

If the station continues to sell diesel fuel, or if the Stop-Sale tags are removed from the diesel devices before the Order is discharged, the station could face additional administrative penalties, up to $5,000 per day per violation. The station must show that the diesel fuel it is selling meets state quality standards before it can again make those sales.

The station can continue to sell regular unleaded fuel.

A Stop-Sale Order is one of the most serious orders issued by TDLR and is a last-ditch effort to force compliance with state law by a motor fuels licensee. In most fuel quality cases, the station owner has taken measures to fix the issue and assist affected customers before TDLR receives test results confirming that the station had sold bad fuel. TDLR issued a Stop-Sale Order because the station owner had not taken steps to remediate the fuel quality issues.


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