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What God Wants You to Know

He sees the human souls/spirits he loves going to Hell every day, because of the prevailing unbelief in the world.  God wants to prevent people from suffering in Hell, and later in the Lake of Fire forever, and ever.

Pharoah failed to obey God each time God told him to “let my people go,” so God, used his awesome power which caused much suffering, devastation, and death.  God wants you to know that under God’s orders all the rivers and waters in Egypt were turned into blood when Moses’ rod touched the water at the river edge (Exodus 7).  Turning water into blood was the first plague, the other nine are listed in Exodus 8 thru 11.

The Second plague God used against the Egyptians was frogs, and the frogs covered the whole ground of Egypt, and everything inside their homes.  This was followed by the plague of lice and the plague of flies which further tormented the Egyptians.  The next plague killed all the cattle owned by the Egyptians.  Next God caused boils upon Pharoah’s magicians, and upon all the Egyptians.   Other plagues included thunder and hail with fire running along on the ground, the plague of locusts, the plague of “a thick Darkness,” which lasted three whole days, and the death of “every first born” Egyptian.

Through all the plagues, God protected his people so that they were not affected.

God wants you to know that every one of the ten plagues shows that nothing is impossible to God the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Even parting the Red Sea, and immediately drying the Red Sea floor, for his people to cross on dry ground.  And then drowning the Egyptian Army who were in hot pursuit!

God wants you to believe in Him, and not in Man!   GOD IS NO MYTH!


Manuel Ybarra, Jr.

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