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What God Wants You to Know – Two

In my first letter called, “What God Wants You to Know,” God used ten plagues to demonstrate His awesome power. Also, to show that He alone is God, the Creator, and the owner of everything ever made or created.

It was just the beginning of what God wanted that Human generation, and future generations, to know about Him.

To do that, God used Moses, the “meekest” man on Earth at that time (in God’s own word), and He also used Moses to write the first five books of the Holy Bible.

God made Moses his prophet so that Moses would pass God’s Holy Word to humanity. Then, after Moses, God selected other prophets to communicate his Word to Mankind, and they told of God’s Word, and wrote books which are found in the Holy Bible.

Those prophets knew that they were to tell just what God told them to say, or they would suffer the consequences. They feared God, and therefore they spoke and wrote the truth!

Obviously, one of the first things God did that you should know, was, to tell Moses who He was. He said, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” And “Moses hid his face: for he was afraid to look upon God.”

Unfortunately, that fear of God has disappeared from America and the World nowadays. Now people are told the Great Flood is a myth, ignoring the fact that God destroyed all humans except for Noah’s family.

So God had Moses tell us some of what God wants you to know by telling us in the Book of Genesis, about God’s creation. The Book of Genesis does not tell the exact date that God Created Heaven and Earth, only that “In the Beginning” He created them. But it Does tell us that sometime after that, in six days, God made some important changes to the formless earth and void Heaven, and added all kinds of herbs, trees, sea, air, and land creatures, and of course Adam and Eve.

It is from His human creation and his creation of time that God wants us to know that all animals and humans have only existed several thousand years and not millions or billions of years. Aw, the foolishness of Man!


Manuel Ybarra, Jr.

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