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Senator Paul Bettencourt reappointed Chairman of TX Senate Committee on Local Government 

Monday, January 23, 2023

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick reappoints Sen. Bettencourt to lead Senate Committee on Local  Government & will also serve on Senate Finance, Education, State Affairs, and Criminal Justice 

Austin, TX – Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) has been reappointed Chairman of the Senate  Committee on Local Government for the 88th Legislative Session by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R Texas). Senator Drew Springer (R-Muenster) will serve as Committee Vice Chairman.  

“I’m honored to be reappointed by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick as Chair of the Senate  Committee on Local Government,” said Chairman Bettencourt. ” I look forward to working with Vice  Chair Senator Springer and my colleagues Senators Sarah Eckhardt, Roland Gutierrez, Bob Hall,  Robert Nichols, Tan Parker, Angela Paxton, Royce West and the entire Texas Senate on passing  meaningful legislation this session for all Texans.” added Chairman Bettencourt. 

As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government in the 87th Legislative Session, Chairman  Bettencourt continued to fight for Texas homeowners by carrying and passing Senate Bill 8 (87II), which  gives Texas homeowners the benefit of the homestead property tax exemption the first year of acquiring  a property, Senate Bill 12 (87II), which is now in effect, and unfreezes and then cuts the Maintenance &  

Operation tax rate for homestead homeowners who are either disabled or over 65, and Senate Bill 1  (87III) which increased the residence homestead exemption from $25,000 to $40,000. SB 12 & SB 1 were  signed by Governor Greg Abbott and put on the May 2022 ballot as Proposition 1 & Proposition 2, where  they were overwhelmingly passed by the voters of Texas. 

“The Senate Committee on Local Government is ready to go to work for all Texans!” Concluded  Chairman Bettencourt.  

Senator Bettencourt will also serve on the Senate Finance, Education, State Affairs, and Criminal Justice Committees. Follow the links below to see bills Chairman Bettencourt has filed this session related to the  announced committees. 

Sen. Bettencourt & Rep. Swanson refiled SB 220 & HB 549 in response to election improprieties Senator Bettencourt files SB 465 to hold criminals targeting catalytic converters accountable 


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