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There Will Be A “One-World Government”     

During the G20 Summit 2022, or soon thereafter, some news flashes talked like a “One-World Government” had been talked about during that summit.

The idea of a one-world government, brought about, by uniting all nations on Earth, has been around for centuries. Many have believed that it would be a solution to the problems caused by humanity.

Global Warming proponents will use this opportunity to bring about a One-World Government with their claim that they are trying to save the Planet.  Global warming is false, and if their ideas are fully implemented, it will cause great harm and deaths to earth inhabitants.

There is going to be a One-World Government on Earth, and it will work, because, God, the Creator, is going to bring it all about.  It will bring peace to this ungodly, troubled world, caused by Man’s unbelief and disobedience of God and His Word.

That One-World Government is going to be headed by our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Earth, when He returns to Judge and destroy the Wicked remaining on Earth.

But before He comes back, great calamities will occur on Earth, when Jesus, the Lamb of
God, loosen each seal of the book, which God’s right hand holds while sitting on His Throne.  In Rev. Chapter 5, it reads, “And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.”

America, and the World, is presently so morally corrupt, that our exceptionally loving God, could, at any moment, pass the book to Jesus, who is seated by His right side.

When God calls time, Jesus, Son of God, The Lamb of God, will take the book offered by God, and it will begin a series of events that will cause such great suffering, pain, death, and devastation, that our human minds could ever imagine.

The shocking horrible killings of innocent human beings now going on will seem insignificant compared to what will happen when God takes “peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another.” And at a time when nuclear weapons are in the hands of some murderers who want to control the world.

Jesus, who died to save the masses in the world, gave his life, knowing that in the end, few would believe in Him and his sacrifice and would end up in Hell and the Lake of Fire.

Yet, He will return to destroy the remaining wicked, and those who claim they are Christians, but are not, and will rule Earth for a Thousand years.

 Manuel Ybarra, Jr. 

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