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Representative Slaton Files Legislation To Further Secure Texas Prisons

AUSTIN – Today, Representative Bryan Slaton, HD-2, filed HB 1438 to improve the safety and security of Texas Prisons by empowering the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to install and maintain cellular jamming devices in Texas prisons. The installation of these devices in Texas prisons will increase safety for corrections officers, and help facilitate the end of contraband cell phone use in criminal activities.

Representative Bryan Slaton issued the following statement:

“There is no reason that Texas should not utilize this type of technology to keep our prisons secure. By allowing the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to install cell phone jamming devices in our prisons, we will be instituting common-sense safety procedures that will be a powerful tool against illegal activities such as drug trafficking, sex trafficking, escapes, and perhaps most importantly, making it much more difficult for hardened criminals to plan attacks against the men and women who work at our prisons and their families.

Rep. Slaton further added:

“Federal facilities can already utilize this and other types of technology to protect federal workers, and Texans deserve the same protections. The men and women of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice work hard to keep our prisons secure every day. It is an arduous and often dangerous job. This bill will not only help them do their jobs more easily, but will keep them and their families safe as well.”

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