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Motorists urged to be mindful of TxDOT crews working on the roads  

December 20, 2022

ATLANTA ­– Due to a chance of winter weather conditions on Thursday, TxDOT crews plan to begin pretreating all bridges and overpasses in the district with brine starting tomorrow/Wednesday. Crews will also pretreat Interstates 30 and 20, along with US 59.

On Thursday, crews plan to spread bulk salt or other aggregate on bridges for some added traction.

Crews will also be on standby Thursday night should there be any areas that need additional attention.

Motorists are asked to be mindful of TxDOT vehicles that will be spreading brine on roads. Brine is a solution consisting of salt and water designed to prevent ice and snow from sticking to surfaces. The process is a fast-moving mobile operation with minimal impacts to traffic. Drivers should allow a safe traveling distance between their vehicles and the mobile convoys.

TxDOT works closely with the National Weather Service to have the best available information when preparing for possible winter weather.

Visit or call 1-800-452-9292 for around-the-clock updates on highway conditions.

The Atlanta District includes Bowie, Cass, Camp, Harrison, Marion, Morris, Panola, Titus and Upshur Counties.

For more information, contact or (903) 799-1306.

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