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Representative Slaton Files Legislation to Protect Vehicle Owners from Tyrannical Remote Kill-Switches  

AUSTIN – Today, Representative Bryan Slaton of House District 2, filed important legislation to preempt and stop the implementation of remote kill-switches in personally owned vehicles. HB 1031, will outlaw the manufacture or sale of vehicles with remote kill-switches that can be activated by the manufacturer or the government, or the installation of such a device in personal vehicles, in the State of Texas.


Representative Slaton issued the following statement:


“The idea that the federal government or an international mega-corporation would have the ability to decide when, where and if private citizens can operate their own personal vehicles is not only preposterous, but it is deeply antithetical to the principals of a free country. We all saw the incredible encroachments on individual liberty during COVID. God forbid something like that occurs again, and the government or leftists corporations have the power to remotely shut-down your personal car, and prevent you from traveling. And in an age of cancel-culture, wokeism, and social-credit scores, this kind of power is just one more step in the direction of an Orwellian future for America.


The bill would help nullify any current or future federal requirements that personal vehicles be equipped with technology that could remotely shut down or disable the vehicle.


Rep. Slaton concluded, saying, “I am grateful for the work that Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom and their Executive Director, Terri Hall, have done on this bill and this issue as a whole. The surveillance-state and their corporate cohorts are bent on making everything that we do trackable and regulated, and we must get ahead of it. The freedom to travel within our own country is incredibly important, and steps must be taken now to ensure it is preserved.”

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