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TGCA selects a maximum of 20 Legacy All-Stars, from conferences 1-4a and 5-6a in volleyball.  These athletes are selected by the TGCA Volleyball Committee, which is composed of volleyball member coaches of the association, at their annual meeting.  Selections are made from nominations submitted by member coaches.  Athletes must be seniors to be selected.  These all-stars will NOT participate in the summer clinic all-star activities but will receive a certificate and a letter jacket patch.

All-Star School Coach Conf
Abby Aschenbeck BELLVILLE HS Susan Brewer 4A
Falon Buford SPLENDORA HS Ashley Brockner 4A
Abigail Caron SPRING HILL HS Andrew Harbison 4A
Madyson Eberly BUSHLAND HS Jason Culpepper 3A
Ellason Felts BROCK HS Nicholas Gay 3A
Melina Gonzalez POTH HS Patti Zenner 3A
Ava Harris LA VERNIA HS Danielle Coleman 4A
Brooklyn Jaeger FAYETTEVILLE SCHOOL Clinton Jaeger 1A
Alli Kirkpatrick BONHAM HS Emily Vanderburg 3A
Carly Lange BELLVILLE HS Susan Brewer 4A
Angie Lee FARMERSVILLE HS Harold Davis 4A
Rayanna Mauldin GUNTER HS Katelyn Gill 3A
Sadie McAda PLEASANTON HS Gabriel Aguirre 4A
Kaela Neie BUSHLAND HS Jason Culpepper 3A
Payton Phillips CLYDE HS Laura Carr 3A
Clara Pluenneke FREDERICKSBURG HS Jason Roemer 4A
McKenna Post CRAWFORD HS Jeff Coker 2A
Hanna Rubis GUNTER HS Katelyn Gill 3A
Bella Thompson VAN HS Ashton Carpenter 4A
Haleigh Wilk SALADO HS Kristi Wilk 4A
All-Star School Coach Conf
Natalie Arnold DRIPPING SPRINGS HS Michael Kane 6A
Blaire Bayless PLANO WEST SENIOR HS Cooper Phillips 6A
Brooke Bentke BRENHAM HS Megan Whalen 5A
Sydney Breon HIGHLAND PARK HS Michael Dearman 6A
Claire Dewine THE WOODLANDS HS Terri Wade 6A
Maddie Frank ALEDO HS Claire Gay 5A
Hannah Gonzalez LOVEJOY HS Natalie Puckett 5A
Emma Halstead BRANDEIS HS Maddie Williams 6A
Katie Hill REAGAN HS-SA Rachel Torvik 6A
Morgan Howard COLLEYVILLE HERITAGE HS Joshua McKinney 5A
Sydney Jordan RIDGE POINT HS Lauryn Bailey 6A
Bianna Muoneke CY RANCH HS Chrissy Woodward 6A
Lilly Nicholson MCKINNEY NORTH HS Libby Rodriguez 5A
Cierra Pesak FRIENDSWOOD HS Sarah Paulk 5A
Courtney Pope CANYON HS Heather D Sanders 5A
Kyndal Stowers GUYER HS Leslie Jackson 6A
Cindy Tchouangwa TOMPKINS HS Mary Allison Merrell 6A
Hannah Whittingstall ALAMO HEIGHTS HS Alexandrea Bothe 5A
Ava Williamson DRIPPING SPRINGS HS Michael Kane 6A


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