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by James A. Marples
In my past articles, I generally like to focus on the positive aspects of human endeavor. As mortals, we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights, but also a responsibility to walk uprightly, too.  I wholeheartedly consider The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit part of the triune godhead.   I respect the faith of my neighbor too, where standing next to me or elsewhere. Humans have successes and they have failures.  Sadly, whether it is by subconscious bumbling or by simply human failure: mistakes can be made (and are made) , which may be small, medium and large. I know I’ve made mistakes — some I remember and some I don’t recall.  I am a person with hyper nerve activity, similar to my late mother.  She would ‘jump’ at military funerals if she heard the tribute shots fired and she would even audibly yelp.  That is no shame. It was just her way.  And I know that I have also tried to do right, too. It’s hard to describe the see-saw battles within one’s own body, mind, spirit, and soul. I have had relatives offer me guidance on anxiety and depression, and I will try to learn by their comments and advice. I also like the power of prayer, even among differing denominations. Doing kind gestures is an example of “doing good”. It is never wise to forget to be kind or humble. I have made that mistake. In my own case, I have a physical, PCP doctor who treats my bodily functions. I also have a doctor versed in mental conditions to examine my emotional state. A ‘sound’ mind may be indirectly tied to a sound body. Both can fail. My hope is that I (and others) can be a ‘total person’ with a sterling inside and outside.

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